Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

28 October 2012

Yoga Practice

Yoga practice
Has taught me more than a practice
It's a commitment
It's strength
It's flexibility
It's the gracefulness
It's the emptiness
It's life

Massive action
Massive result
Let go of disempowering energy & people
For something new & exciting
Choose your play ground

I am more patient
With myself now

Breathe deep
Celebrate being alive
Sing your song
Write your story

Be The Movement

Servant Leadership

Now I know
Be The Movement

Full & Fulfilling

I experience the most powerful insight
Full & fulfilling day
With total satisfaction
Servant leadership
And human spirit

Giving hope to people
Creates deeper meaning for me
I have tears with my yoga practice today
Just grateful
Non-stop working
It's no longer a job
It's a joyful sharing
And go go go

Stay focused
90 days plan
500 people
Be The Movement

Full & Fulfilling

26 October 2012

Beautiful October

Beautiful and busy October
It is coming to the end
This is a commander training
It's Millionaire Bootcamp everyday 
And you realize
Life is so much more

On this Saturday 
I just want to take this silent time 
To honor myself
To honor the higher self

Stepping out and up
Is the most scariest thing 
And the most fulfilling thing to be 
I remember this beautiful October
Busy but not blind
Just beautiful month
And more to come

90 Days Plan

As I write
I almost finish 60 days plan
This is the challenge I took
A personal development journey
An authentic service to others
Massive action
Putting all my experience & expertise
Into a bigger perspective
With international marketing & training
Busy but not blind
Full and fulfilling
This is my soul required of me
It has the answer for long
I just found something of focus
A dream worthy of me

For the next 30 days
This will be critical 

In a moment of silence
I surrender
Let the higher calling shows me the way
Be The Movement

You know this is my dream
You know I am so close to it
90 days plan
It changed my life ever



I know 
This is not easy
But it is going to be worthy of it

What are you fighting for 
What are you standing for 
What is your life meaning
What type of people you want in your life
What is your dream life
Go for it 
With all your heart & soul
You might be surprised
On your journey 
All the angels are coming your way


Asia Dominance Tour

Life changing moment
Meeting with top leaders
My identity just shift
It's that powerful

Taking massive action
Be The Movement 

And fun
On the road to Freedom

Remove obstacles
One at a time
Be The Movement

I am grateful
Global takeover
Be The Movement

On mission 
Be The Movement

19 October 2012

B's Lifestyle

B's Lifestyle
Be The Movement

I find a little B tonight
That is a huge encouragement 

We make a living by what we get
We make a life by what we give

I am so grateful 
I found my little B
My sister

18 October 2012

Women Empowerment Circle

Maybe that's it
Women Empowerment Circle
My life's path

Stay focused 
Keep going
Build the momentum 
Be unstoppable
Do not let anyone steal your dream
Be bold
Be strong
Be The Movement


Celebration on
Something new
Something next level
Living in the present moment

Yoga teacher
Property lady
And me

Something to celebrate
A new beginning

10 October 2012

Beautiful October

Beautiful October
After coming back from my Holland trip 
I was super crazy
And super busy
And super fulfilling
Everyday I find a simple moment
In stillness and manifestation time
I am just grateful
And totally accept myself
For what is now
For what is in front of me
For a blessed be 
For freedom
For beauty
For simplicity 
For joy

I find some time with my dear friend
For a simple networking cocktails event
The most important thing is 
Find time to cherish our love & relationship
And trust and support
Sometimes other people believe so much more in you 
Than you believe in yourself
It takes so much courage to say NO
And focus on what you want

For the last 10 days
I got instant yes yes yes
For the last 7 days
I got a big no no no
From my contacts on what I do 
I make me wonder
When I believe so much in my dream 
And I am moving ahead
I will not take no
No means next
Today I get some yes yes yes 
Back to what I want 
The confidence is back
The self esteem is back 
I will be back

Beautiful October 
10 days are over
I realize I did not take any pictures for myself
Today I must take one
And suddenly I realize I was shaped up 
Losing a few pounds
In great mental and emotional state
Because I found my focus in life
I got what it takes now
To live my charmed life ever
I will not take no
No means next

I am grateful 
For all the beautiful souls around me
You know who you are
Blessed be
I am grateful 

I am hungry
I have dream
On the road to freedom 
I will be full swing ahead

Beautiful October
I enjoy every moment 
I cry for celebration 
Be The Movement

Be The Movement