Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

13 November 2015


12 Nov 2015


When comes to moment 
You decide to go 
And totally let go 
You will know 

The death of loved ones
Sounds scary
The loss 
Hurts so much 
Deep in the soul
Until everything takes time 
To heal 

I had an intimate sharing with a good friend
She shared the loss of her mum 
And her spiritual journey 
To freedom
It’s awakening 
Touching soul
Grateful for being real
And I cry 
Remembering my loved ones
All the last moments 
Means the whole world to me

I take life a bit less seriously 
Breathing deep connecting to my soul
I am climbing up the mountain each day
As if I smell freedom just a few breathe away
And I could touch the sky

I am looking at life 
With a deeper meaning each day
I am not afraid of death 
Only want the theme living alive 
With no regret

Death kissed me away 
Mission possible 
I am in all massive action now

Touch the sky

17 September 2015

Purple Romance ~ Magical Lavender Field in France

Magical Lavender Field in France 
Loving the purple series of DreamTrips
So magical

Make time for everything 
Never compromise...
On anything less than you want to be and do 
Keep striving 
One more round 
If you cannot accept that 
You are inspirational to others 
Then you will not be inspirational to yourself

Be magnificent just the way you are

Travel Soothes my soul
I want more…
Purple series of dreams come true 

To many more magical moments in life 
Be inspired 


Magical Lavender field in France

09 September 2015

September Sweetheart

From today onwards
I promise to love myself
Be gentle and kind
To top up the well of inner strength within
I am enough
I am more than enough

From today onwards
I promise to be happy
Be gently and kind
To allow the soul of warrior to shine
I can do this
I can achieve what I believe

3 full years of 365 days
Finding out the mistakes I made
Just got a few thousand ways of not working the right way
Now I need to pull back
To look at new ways with new eyes
Cry no more

From today onwards
I embrace who I am
Be silence and stay centered
Let the soul speak through me
I will find the way
To love & freedom

Start now
And here


24 August 2015

A Tribute to My Best Friend

As I write
Still feeling the loss of my best friend
A powerful woman
With so much courage & care
Dream & vision

Missing all the old days
Of holding hands together
Walking on the street
Enjoying fine dining and laughters

I am grateful for your love
Know that
You will always have a special place in my heart
Love you

Life is so fragile
Live each day as if this is your last day

If you have dream
Go and take massive action to realize it
If you have voice
Go and share it with the world
If you have a story
Go and write your book
If you have passion to make a difference in people's lives
Do not wait

Do not let the dream die hard in your heart
Make each day your masterpiece


03 February 2015


The world needs courageous, passionate & confident people
Where you can show them love, light
And be fun, freedom & fulfillment they are seeking within

My dedication to all the beautiful souls out there
Where we attract to look at each other 
With grace, love and anticipation of open heart and honesty

Hold up high on the integrity and dignity about who you are
There is always beauty
I breathe in deeply into this special moment
Thinking about you
Feeling you


05 January 2015


Life is full of surprises
Some are exciting
Some are inspiring
Some are frustrating
And some are sad 
As life is always not easy
But beautiful lessons and lessons
And what you want out of life that matters

I believe 
We are here on earth for our life purpose
What makes life beautiful 
Is that we are called to be and do what we are here to do

I understand your fear and worry
Take one day at a time
Breathing deep one moment by one moment
Fully living in the now
When you are aware of how your mind play a trick on you
You can be conscious 
About how you want to welcome a new day a new moment
Know that when you are living in the now fully
You only experience love and joy
Everything will take care of itself

Be strong
For each day is another beautiful day
Just embrace what is 

And what is to come

Decide to live in freedom 
Yes you can

Only now and here
Deep breathe will take you there

03 January 2015

Walk in Freedom

Today you can decide
To walk in freedom
You can choose
To walk differently
Many of us have been running all our life
This morning
You can make a revolution
To enjoy every step
The path we walk together
Is a journey
Of unlearning fear
And remembering the light
Be freedom
Be love
Be light
You Should Be Here