Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

27 January 2012

Spiritual Warrior

26 Jan 2012

I had a private session 
with Master in Astrology & Human Design
Learn so much about myself

I love a good fight
I am a fighter
Probably fighting for a good cause
is the only reason that keeps me alive

I have conviction
When people no longer share the same conviction
They will disappear in my life
How true
Life moves on
With new places
New faces

Now I get the hang of it
Understand the root of the changes

Nothing to change
I cannot change
Too individualist
To satisfy the hunger of knowing myself
From all the different seasons in life

I am a new tiger
I accept that
with gracefulness
and joy

Strategy in life ~
Only do what I love to do 
Not getting busy busy busy 
but choose what makes my heart sings
and the time seems to stop 
while I am in the zone

I miss a great fight
It's like my baby
It's unconditional love and attention
Focal and concentration 
A strong sense of passion and drive
Tomorrow never dies

I am coming back
To respond 
To a great fight

I am very much an individualist 
to satisfy my dream 
It changes over time
One thing never change
I love a great fight
I have conviction
I believe in great cause
I am a great fighter
My heart is on fire

Changes are coming
I welcome with open heart and mind
Many references
I love a great fight
I am a great fighter

New dream 
is looking for that strong individualist
That is me
I love a great fight
I am a great fighter
Tomorrow never dies

What a Spiritual Warrior

23 January 2012


helps us see the benefits and 
blessings of our lives and how we live them

We are able to transcend 
any and all obstacles that 
we have manifested for ourselves 
in a multitude of ways

We are never alone in our quest 
and we are never forgotten in our circle of light

Everything that is happening within you right now 
is part of an amazing process 
that will cleanse and clear your soul of illusions and fears

The purest form of love 
shines through the least amount of resistance

Whatever you have 
that is still weighing heavy on your heart
is the source of your hurt 
- let it go, let it grow
- let it graduate into your very own form of wisdom

PRESENT= the balance of living and learning is a gift

PRIVILEGE= the benefits of learning life lessons

PROMISE= the blessings that come from living & learning

My insights
Freedom is my inspiration

With you 
My heart sings 
The only music 
to keep me alive

I came far to know you
Sometimes I forget
But I promise to remember
With you 
My heart sings
The only song
to keep my breath going

I am grateful 
For freedom in all my beings
With you
That little magic 
Keep the song in my heart

I find the courage 
to sing again
The audience is waiting 
What a wonderful world

Who Moved My Cheese

Who moved my cheese

With little gracefulness 

With little trusting

My love and light

Many lives
Many journeys
Many masters
Many learnings
Many mistakes
Many lessons
Hard and fall short
Who moved my cheese

New and luxurious
Cheese are everywhere
Absolutely effortless
Claim it all
Make your own cheese
Your life
Your cheese
Your style
Your taste

With deep love

Rekindle Magic

We celebrate New Year
We take a break
Living and feeling deep 
What matters
Time to rekindle magic
in the little world
Thinking of beloved family
One heart
One love

Despite thousands of kilometer
You know
We are with you
When you close your eyes
Our presence are with you
We take a break
Just to be with you 
What matters
Time to rekindle magic
With the beloved family

Beloved family
Near and far
Dear and close
In celebration 
We rekindle magic
of our love for each other
In love and light 
You brighten up our lives
In stillness 
You are me
I am you

Rekindle magic
Just to see you shine through

03 January 2012

Focal Point

Beginning of a new year
This brings back the Focal Point
Focus on the current assignment
And yet keep a medium to long term vision to life

A few good kick-off meetings with high level senior executives
Most of them are early birds
And they love their work
Focus is the key
to be Effective Executive

Stay faithful
Stay optimistic
Be open and flexible
in dealing with adversity
Dance with it
Look into it 
Pause with it
Gain momentum
and move with it

Focal point
The first lesson in 2012

02 January 2012

Dream & Destiny

Live expectantly
Dream & Destiny
Let Higher Power be the Guide

The Art of Allowing
In that stillness
I am fully alert
of your tender whisper

I bow into YOU
Dream & Destiny
That deeper meaning
That bigger purpose
Keep me alive

01 January 2012

Midas Touch

Entrepreneurs are so different
They have 'Midas Touch'
This beautiful book 
by Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki
summed up 
The guide to develop
your Midas Touch

1) Strength of Character
    Turning bad luck into good luck

2) Focus
    Follow one course until successful

3) Brand
    What you stand for

4) Relationships
    You can't do a good deal with bad partners

5) Little things that count
    What successful entrepreneurs do
    that others don't

I am still at the Chapter 1
with Robert Kiyosaki's past stories on
A Fool and His Money
Desperate Glimmer
Stress and Fear
You don't know what you don't know
Con Men are great teachers
Mistakes are the gateway to your Midas Touch
The Mentor Difference

Huge learnings:
* Inside every mistake is a gem of wisdom
* Blame means to 'be lame'
* Face your mistakes and admit to them

Strength of character 
Develop intrapersonal intelligence
Midas Touch entrepreneurs get back up
Brush themselves off
Go at it again

What a strong message 
to begin a strong new year
I love it

Midas Touch 
An important skill
to be acquired and accelerated
This is on top of my Goals List in 2012

Midas Touch 
Just like Deep Breathing
Be conscious with it
Be aware 
and living it

You Are Made For More

New Year
I resolve to be MORE
More fulfilled
More purposeful 
More joy
More love
More freedom

While I am still crying over 
a few souls that 
brought some difficult lessons
to my life for the last 12 months
I resolve to forgive myself
for bad decision
for bad experience
for bad emotion
that I needed to let go totally

This beautiful day
I came across this beautiful book
'You Are Made For More'
by Lisa Osteen Comes

Reading the introduction 
and first few chapters
I feel like 
this is a special message 
I needed to hear and learn deeply

1) Finding more when things explode
    Because you are made to Hope

2) Finding more when you feel flawed
    Because you are made a Masterpiece

3) Finding more when people fail you
    Because you are made to Be Loved

4) Finding more when you are distracted
    Because you are made to Reach Your Destiny

5) Finding more when you're heartbroken
    Because you are made to Live Your Dreams

6) Finding more when you are afraid
    Because you are made to Live Boldly

7) Finding more when you're disappointed
    Because you are made for Fulfillment, Not Failure

8) Finding more when you can't let go
    Because you are made to Move On - and Move Mountains

9) Finding more when you have been labeled
    Because you are made to Rise Above Others' Expectations

10) Finding more when you fail
      Because you're made to Succeed and to Encourage Success

11) Finding more when you feel unable
      Because you are Fully Equipped to Do and Be More

12) Finding more when you're ready to give up
      Because you're made to Keep On - and to Win


What a stunning way 
to begin a new year

We are all made for more
Believe it