Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

12 December 2012


Beautiful December

This month
I am doing a lot of reflection & review
Seeing all the business relationship come and go 
I am grateful
With deep knowing 
Just embrace the depth of what it helps to stay
People who love you
People who like to do business with you
People who make you more
People who empower you
People who want to see you successful
People who support you inside out
No matter what

This journey
You have shower me with much love & patience
You run with me
You walk with me
The 5 mins
The password
I have seen you growing 
From strength to strength
I am grateful for your kindness
You are just caring & loving
Putting a lot of time and energy 
To plant the trees
I see your effort will come into fruition
With exponential growth

Carry on my work
Carry on my legacy
For the first time
This is something bigger than me
I need to bow 
I need to surrender 
What makes my heart sing
I need to respect that little whisper
You make me grow like crazy
You stretch me
You coach me
You teach me
You guide me
You laugh with me
You listen to my arrrrrrrrr
Thank you

Let's go
It's unstoppable
No one can steal your dream
Just be cool and calm
Be The Movement

22 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving
What are you grateful for

90 days plan
On the road to freedom
I am still fighting within
But enjoying so much for the journey
As if this is my life's work ever

Behind every no
I seek to understand
I got many YESs
And many NOs along the way
Many NOs are not valid anyway
Is the goal worthy of you
Or are you worthy of the goal

I was hit by a strong CAR a few weeks ago
By a digital genius guy
He hit me hard again yesterday
Asking me not to be scared by his CAR
It's his sense of humor at his middle age
I told him
I did not take no personally
Maybe I am aging gracefully
More chakras are opened now
I can take more CARS

Asia is up for grab
What does that mean to you?
I want it
I want it
I want it

During my yoga practice today
I cried
On my journey home
I cried
Working at my space
I cried
Behind all the no
My spirit sensitivity over flows
I am grateful
For all the angels
Who believe in me
Sometimes so much more than
I believe in myself
I am grateful

With Happy Thanksgiving
I want to thank myself
For the courage to listen to that inner yes
And do not let the no kill my dream

I am grateful
To all the beautiful souls and hearts
Who back me up big and strong
That I know I can count on
One Team
One Dream

A new 90 Days Plan
On the second phase of
The road to freedom

17 November 2012

Moving Office

Moving office
This is my lifestyle
Freedom Freedom Freedom
Love my life now

Focus on what I want
What I can do to make a difference
Yes Yes Yes
I love to help people
To achieve their lives objectives

I will work as hard as you will
To fly with them


15 November 2012

ADT - 31 Oct 2012

Asia Dominance Tour
Starts now

First things first
Everything change

I thank you for your kindness & toughness
Choose the people you want to work with
Let go of those disempowering energy
Life has to move on

Ultimately ~
What you want to become that matters
I choose not to take all the perception & judgement others have on me
I want to be bold & outrageous
I want to be happy
I want to be me

Be The Movement

28 October 2012

Yoga Practice

Yoga practice
Has taught me more than a practice
It's a commitment
It's strength
It's flexibility
It's the gracefulness
It's the emptiness
It's life

Massive action
Massive result
Let go of disempowering energy & people
For something new & exciting
Choose your play ground

I am more patient
With myself now

Breathe deep
Celebrate being alive
Sing your song
Write your story

Be The Movement

Servant Leadership

Now I know
Be The Movement

Full & Fulfilling

I experience the most powerful insight
Full & fulfilling day
With total satisfaction
Servant leadership
And human spirit

Giving hope to people
Creates deeper meaning for me
I have tears with my yoga practice today
Just grateful
Non-stop working
It's no longer a job
It's a joyful sharing
And go go go

Stay focused
90 days plan
500 people
Be The Movement

Full & Fulfilling

26 October 2012

Beautiful October

Beautiful and busy October
It is coming to the end
This is a commander training
It's Millionaire Bootcamp everyday 
And you realize
Life is so much more

On this Saturday 
I just want to take this silent time 
To honor myself
To honor the higher self

Stepping out and up
Is the most scariest thing 
And the most fulfilling thing to be 
I remember this beautiful October
Busy but not blind
Just beautiful month
And more to come

90 Days Plan

As I write
I almost finish 60 days plan
This is the challenge I took
A personal development journey
An authentic service to others
Massive action
Putting all my experience & expertise
Into a bigger perspective
With international marketing & training
Busy but not blind
Full and fulfilling
This is my soul required of me
It has the answer for long
I just found something of focus
A dream worthy of me

For the next 30 days
This will be critical 

In a moment of silence
I surrender
Let the higher calling shows me the way
Be The Movement

You know this is my dream
You know I am so close to it
90 days plan
It changed my life ever



I know 
This is not easy
But it is going to be worthy of it

What are you fighting for 
What are you standing for 
What is your life meaning
What type of people you want in your life
What is your dream life
Go for it 
With all your heart & soul
You might be surprised
On your journey 
All the angels are coming your way


Asia Dominance Tour

Life changing moment
Meeting with top leaders
My identity just shift
It's that powerful

Taking massive action
Be The Movement 

And fun
On the road to Freedom

Remove obstacles
One at a time
Be The Movement

I am grateful
Global takeover
Be The Movement

On mission 
Be The Movement

19 October 2012

B's Lifestyle

B's Lifestyle
Be The Movement

I find a little B tonight
That is a huge encouragement 

We make a living by what we get
We make a life by what we give

I am so grateful 
I found my little B
My sister

18 October 2012

Women Empowerment Circle

Maybe that's it
Women Empowerment Circle
My life's path

Stay focused 
Keep going
Build the momentum 
Be unstoppable
Do not let anyone steal your dream
Be bold
Be strong
Be The Movement


Celebration on
Something new
Something next level
Living in the present moment

Yoga teacher
Property lady
And me

Something to celebrate
A new beginning

10 October 2012

Beautiful October

Beautiful October
After coming back from my Holland trip 
I was super crazy
And super busy
And super fulfilling
Everyday I find a simple moment
In stillness and manifestation time
I am just grateful
And totally accept myself
For what is now
For what is in front of me
For a blessed be 
For freedom
For beauty
For simplicity 
For joy

I find some time with my dear friend
For a simple networking cocktails event
The most important thing is 
Find time to cherish our love & relationship
And trust and support
Sometimes other people believe so much more in you 
Than you believe in yourself
It takes so much courage to say NO
And focus on what you want

For the last 10 days
I got instant yes yes yes
For the last 7 days
I got a big no no no
From my contacts on what I do 
I make me wonder
When I believe so much in my dream 
And I am moving ahead
I will not take no
No means next
Today I get some yes yes yes 
Back to what I want 
The confidence is back
The self esteem is back 
I will be back

Beautiful October 
10 days are over
I realize I did not take any pictures for myself
Today I must take one
And suddenly I realize I was shaped up 
Losing a few pounds
In great mental and emotional state
Because I found my focus in life
I got what it takes now
To live my charmed life ever
I will not take no
No means next

I am grateful 
For all the beautiful souls around me
You know who you are
Blessed be
I am grateful 

I am hungry
I have dream
On the road to freedom 
I will be full swing ahead

Beautiful October
I enjoy every moment 
I cry for celebration 
Be The Movement

Be The Movement

28 September 2012

Blessed Be

Blessed be
Our freedom to think 
Our intuition to feel
Our path into destiny
Our slow burn
Our consuming fire
Our deep voice
Let it free

Blessed be
The breaking
The becoming
The good 
The bad 
The ugly
The spiritual 
The sweet tears
The grace
Let it free

Blessed be
The only soul's code
Let it free

Blessed be
The only love
Let it free

25 September 2012

Family Love

9 September 2012

Beautiful Sunday
Just at home
Doing everything so basic
So simple 
And yet so happy
Breakfast time
Quality family time
A little things we do for each other
But fill with love
Made with love
This is a big thing

Back at the beautiful garden
With coffee and cookies
Quality family time
Warms my heart
Very soothing to my soul

At this moment
I am completely at peace
And empty
Nothing to think about
Nothing to worry 
Nothing to fear
Nothing to do 
But writing from my heart
Breathing into life

Enjoy all the moments 
In the kitchen 
I realize I can cook 
And be very creative with foods
Preparing and presenting dinner
Is the best time of the day
It's done with absolute love
And total presence 
Just like my love for work
Living one day at a time
With family 
For family
It's so beautiful

Rest at Home

7 Sept 2012

Good rest at home
For the first time
No thinking
The mind is empty 

At the back 
Manifestation of 90 days plan
On the road to freedom 
Remain strong

For the day time
I am around the garden
Very secret garden & meditation 
And for the family
Working at the kitchen
Very therapy and healing to my soul
I enjoy all the moments
Completely at peace and with joy
At night 
I am writing
For life

This is my life now
So grateful 
So beautiful

I Love Travel

6 Sept 2012 

Arriving Frankfurt
In the flight 
I was thinking about 90 days plan
And the international market
Get to know a young loving couple
Who sit next to me
They love travels
Just finish visiting Singapore & Malaysia
Now I am visiting their country in Germany & Holland
Is that something deeper 
Than just meet the eyes
It's interesting

I love travel


6 Sept 2012
In the plane 

It was a very intense last week
I am a dreamer
Let the excitement of new opportunity
Wash over my mind and spirit
On the road to freedom 
I rest with little hours
The mind is awakening
Something deeper 
Is knocking hard on me
I want it badly
I am hungry now

On the day of my travel
I did not rest at all
I was await for more than 36 hours to 48 hours by then
Not counting the active mind
On the previous few days
Meditation is powerful

With my travels 
I enjoy all the meals with close eyes
For the first time
Everything taste so extra delicious
Drawing on all the senses
The foods are tasty
I am just enjoying much 
In my private world 

I am a dreamer

Travel Home

5 Sept 2012

Changi Airport, Singapore
Boarding to Frankfurt, Germany
Pick up train to Dusserdolf, Holland
Heading home to Nijmegen, Holland
What a journey home
But it is all 
The sweetest home sweet home

Germany has a lot of memory for me
Especially for my beloved sister 
Her spirit is still strong
With all the places we have been
All the life experiences we had

A few years back
My trip to Germany
Was the most painful experience in life
I cried so hard along the journey
Losing her 
A life of amazing story
And true love till the last breath
A life so worthy of living
And more...

This time
My Germany trip 
Has a new meaning
It's a break 
It's fresh air I am looking for
A new inspiration 
A higher calling
A new mission 
A new awakening

Life is so fragile 
Making time for family 
Is on top of my priority now
My Holland family has showered me 
With tons of unconditional love
That I am so proud of
And has no way to repay their love
During the good
The ugly 
The spiritual journey
They have given me 
A true listening heart 
And warm me with their life experiences
To accept me just who I am

Simplicity & satisfaction
Remain the  very important of everyday's goals
They know one thing or two 
On what is life all about
Each moment and each day
Has its own beauty
Living in the present moment
And not to let ego playing fool

I am re-prioritizing
Doing what I need to do 
To project the highest energy possible
And focus on the end result I want
And more freedom 
And more love

My higher self will guide me
90 days manifestation
On the road of freedom & love
It's timely

My beloved sister knows I am coming 
To pay a high tribute to her
I remember her love
And will always be

Be The Movement
A call for leadership 
Step out 
Step up

Be The Movement Manifestation

5 Sept 2012

Be The Movement Manifestation
90 Days Plan to Freedom

September is a beautiful month
This is my travel month 
Shopping for inspiration
Traveling for inspiration
It's a break for inspiration
A new momentum
I suddenly get myself 
Into a beautiful opening
It's an expansion
A huge expansion
Into something bigger beyond myself
With beautiful souls

Travels have been always in my blood
I have been working non-stop
it's a call for leadership 
When you have found a strong why
You become unstoppable

I am inspired
To manifest this dream
90 days to freedom 
Be The Movement
Beautiful Manifestation
Once and for all

Make time to travel
To see the world 
To experience love
To be unstoppable

I am so on fire

I am ready 
The timing is right
The product is right 
The industry is right
And the most importantly 
The human spirit is right
When I am taken care of 
That little humble experience
Touch my heart
The goodwill continue

Only in this industry 
The sky is the limit
In the corporate world 
The culture is different
People are killing each other 
To climb the corporate ladder
Who knows 
The ladder is leaning against the wrong wall

People care for your spirit
You are uplifted and empowered 
Every time the touch point is made
There is a call for leadership 

On a mission
For love
For freedom 
For lifestyle

I am giving myself a chance
To open heart 
To open mind
For love and the art of living
Creating a compelling story for love
Get inspired 

This little break 
Originally is a call for inner child
That needs to be pampered unconditionally
I do what she wants me to do
For fresh air
For new energy
For new opening
For new chapter

At this moment
I am grateful 
For all the things that happened
To close the chapter 
With high note
It's a promise 
I must deliver for myself
Where the end product is in the market 
Is not that significant anymore
Where the spiritual integrity is broken
The relationship is damaged 
And let go

So fire up now
This is the only opportunity knocks 
I must give it a shot
No turning back 

Energy on the rise
I got many beautiful souls with me
Giving me a lot of love and support
Knowing that I am not alone
In the world of abundance
Love flows 
Money flows 
Energy flows
From higher up to another higher up
I am grateful

02 September 2012

Beautiful September

Is a beautiful month
Is a new season
I am inspired
To travel

Is best to take a break
Thinking big
I am always amazed by the world map
How international business 
has impacted my dream
An edge
A new perspective
A lifestyle

Very exciting journey
I am grateful
This is the best things
That I wanted to do it for myself

Will be back

I promise

01 September 2012

Europe Trip

I remember my fancy looking at the World Map
Since very small
Especially my love for Europe 
At the age of 5
I see myself traveling
For business
It's me
It's so me
Big earrings
High heels
A sense of modernization & elegance
International Business Woman
I like that

I need to rekindle my passion 
My inner child wants me to travel 
For fresh air
To see the world
To re-prioritize
What is important in life

I am traveling
To Europe 
In about 72 hours time

How exciting
This is my lifestyle 
I dream about all my life

Be The Movement