Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

22 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving
What are you grateful for

90 days plan
On the road to freedom
I am still fighting within
But enjoying so much for the journey
As if this is my life's work ever

Behind every no
I seek to understand
I got many YESs
And many NOs along the way
Many NOs are not valid anyway
Is the goal worthy of you
Or are you worthy of the goal

I was hit by a strong CAR a few weeks ago
By a digital genius guy
He hit me hard again yesterday
Asking me not to be scared by his CAR
It's his sense of humor at his middle age
I told him
I did not take no personally
Maybe I am aging gracefully
More chakras are opened now
I can take more CARS

Asia is up for grab
What does that mean to you?
I want it
I want it
I want it

During my yoga practice today
I cried
On my journey home
I cried
Working at my space
I cried
Behind all the no
My spirit sensitivity over flows
I am grateful
For all the angels
Who believe in me
Sometimes so much more than
I believe in myself
I am grateful

With Happy Thanksgiving
I want to thank myself
For the courage to listen to that inner yes
And do not let the no kill my dream

I am grateful
To all the beautiful souls and hearts
Who back me up big and strong
That I know I can count on
One Team
One Dream

A new 90 Days Plan
On the second phase of
The road to freedom

17 November 2012

Moving Office

Moving office
This is my lifestyle
Freedom Freedom Freedom
Love my life now

Focus on what I want
What I can do to make a difference
Yes Yes Yes
I love to help people
To achieve their lives objectives

I will work as hard as you will
To fly with them


15 November 2012

ADT - 31 Oct 2012

Asia Dominance Tour
Starts now

First things first
Everything change

I thank you for your kindness & toughness
Choose the people you want to work with
Let go of those disempowering energy
Life has to move on

Ultimately ~
What you want to become that matters
I choose not to take all the perception & judgement others have on me
I want to be bold & outrageous
I want to be happy
I want to be me

Be The Movement