Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

26 February 2014

Let Love In

Love says
You are my world
You are the best things ever happened to me

Heart says
I wanna feel you
Love should not hurt at all

Mind says
Difference matters
It adds a little juices in life

You say
I love you baby
Only if you really mean it

I say
I love you baby
Love starts from me

Let love in
Be love
Plant the seeds of love
The river of love will flow
Despite of all the mountain high obstacles

Let love heal
You got to feel it
The broken pieces & lost soul
Will come back stronger & fuller
To start a new chapter

Love always strike
When you are not aware
Let love in

05 February 2014

Be Different

Be different
Takes courage

Be bold
Takes courage

Say NO
If they no longer mean anything to you
Takes bigger courage

Only then ~
You have time & space
For all the YES
Leading you to your DreamLife

Be different
Takes courage

Weep not
If you can look up
You can wake up
And start a new day
With new courage

Building legacy
Takes all your courage
And you know
It's worthy of you

Be different
Do different thing