Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

29 February 2012

A True Friendship

A lady friend called
Update on her projects 
She is currently stressed out
Someone is too greedy 
to grab the whole China gold by himself
My lady friend fears of losing control
From the day one
And till now
She forcefully move forward with endless stress
Mainly for the ego
She realized a thing or two
By passing me in between
The meeting progress stressed her out
She finally feel and confess to me
This is not the right thing to do
For a true friend like me

I have invested more than 14 months with her
and the next 3 months indirectly 
working on a side project 
to support her mentally and emotionally
This realization has hit me hard
For what a true friendship means

I whole heartedly and unconditionally support her
At one point
I could not help
But move on with side projects 
Just to help myself for floating
With a lot of uncertainty and fear of unknown
And I decided to let go 

This is a true let go
For a true friendship
Someone comes back to you
Whole heartedly believe in you
And know you have great intention

A true friendship 
Does it necessary take this long route 
For realization?

I ask myself
The answer is clear

A true friendship 
Are you?

27 February 2012

Trust What You Know

Trust what you know

Over the time
As you grow
As you evolve
As you continue on this exciting life journey
You will discover
Many special gifts and powers
One thing for sure is
An increased sense of knowingness
Always trust
What you know
We will begin to understand
Events and people
On a level much deeper
than we experienced before

We will begin to know the feeling
of a person, place to thing
We will begin to feel its energy
We will be in touch with the deeper self
when we truly connect with others
We will know if a person
is living beyond or below the line
What really matters to them
What is freedom to them
We will know if a place holds energy
that is good for us
Or we will know that energy
isn't right for us
Doesn't currently complement our needs
Let's not judge
We just know deep within
And we will know what to do

Powers appear
When our heart are open
We find the powers of love
Comfort, faith and joy
There is a quiet power of
Trusting what we know

What would you do
If you know that you could not fail

What you know

Freedom Through Transformation


Sends a message of hope and healing 

To those who are struggling 

with life challenges or lessons

It is important to remember 

that you are on an amazing journey 

that is coming to a close 

where you can do and be 

everything you are longing for

From there you will create a new reality 

that includes all your dreams and desires

Take some time each day 

to focus on your destiny 

and see how close you are from making it happen

As you see it more clearly

It is actually comes closer

The more often you visit that vision - 

the more you embody it

The blessings and benefits of being human 

are now manifesting in ways we cannot see

but at some point we did initiate it 

through imagining

RECOGNIZE = when you wake up and remember

REALIZE = when you see clearly through the illusions

REVITALIZE = when you allow yourself to be balanced/aligned


Is inspiration

Be inspired
with Freedom
with Transformation
with Joy

Be inspired
with realignment
with re-imagination
with rejoice

Child Pose

Listen to the body
The neck accumulates 
tons of stress
The shoulder accumulates
tons of pain
Discipline of yoga practice
Keep me going
A little Child Pose 
Release it all

Listen to the body
Which part of the body
Hides the emotion 
That disturbs you
When you are depressed
You are living in the past
When you are anxious 
You are living in the future
Only when you are living right now right here
You are able to breath deep
A little Child Pose
Sooth the spirit

Child Pose
You are a little break 
In the life path
With no expectation 
Life is what you make it up to be
Series of intense work
A little Child pose 
Sooth the spirit

Child Pose
With you 
I surrender all

26 February 2012



Creativity is a life force
It's the power of love
Deep passion
Power of life
A divine connection

Opening up
To your creative power
Beautiful creation that
take people's breath away
Beautiful creation that
is a big part of who you are

Value your connection to creativity
Value the way
You choose to express your creative power
It's your expression of love

Love is powerful
Love is creative
The power of love could be expressed
in infinite tangible and intangible ways
Be creative with it
Be totally indulged in your own creative power
Amaze yourself
What is the deep love within
What is the deep creativity
Could unleash your full potential

You know
When you are fully creative
When you are deeply loved
The world within
Is a real realm of beautiful waterfall
That is sweet in the dream
That is warm in the heart
When you wake up
That is a whole new world of awe
Waiting for your true experience

 Be creative

24 February 2012



When you are sincere and genuine
When you feel fantastic about
Who you are
What you do
How to live your life
It's a deep satisfaction

When you feel love
When you appreciate
Little things in life
That with deep knowing 
People come into your life
For reason/season/lifetime
It's a deep satisfaction

Choose well
The moment decision is made
It's your defining moment
Dream & hope
Decision & destiny
It's a deep satisfaction

When you say thank you 
When you say I love you
When you give unconditionally
When you love unconditionally
When you are courageous 
to love again
to feel again
It's a deep satisfaction

When you rise again
When you come back bigger 
When you reconnect with deeper self
When you know 
It's time 
When you live 
Like nothing could really fail you
Like nothing stop you
To live out loud
It's a deep satisfaction

When you are part of the game
When you are part of the legacy
When you know the Why
behind your dream
When you keep that fire within
When you fear not
When you keep moving
When you breakthrough
Again and again
Believe in yourself
When the world is upside down
It's you
Who show me the way
It's a deep satisfaction

That deep satisfaction
Light up the fire in the sky
In the little universe within
Keep me alive
It's a deep satisfaction
It's the meaning behind
I realize



Life is a beautiful journey
No matter what
Choose each day 
To living consciously

Nothing to outperform
Nothing to compete
Nothing to compare
All is within
You set you own standard
You are it

All the life experiences
Empowering and disempowering 
Made up of who you are today
The essence of it
Already by itself
Unprecedented standard
Each breakthrough 
Each courageous action
Each defining moment
Each fulfilling second
Is a Celebration

Let's cheers!

Betrayals Are Part of Life

The Perils of Partnership
by Robert Kiyosaki

You can't do a good deal with a bad partner
This is more than words of wisdom
It is a guiding words
Words to live one's life by

The interesting aspect of all betrayal is that
The person who is actively betraying you 
Often feels he/she is the one being betrayed
In other words
That person finds a way
To justify betraying you

Your challenge is to become a better person for it
It may mean 
You do not retaliate even though you want to 
It may mean
Not fueling the flames and 
Amplifying the betrayal process

It's tough
But the challenge is 
To become bigger than
The person betrayed you

In reading this
It reminds me
of the past betrayals experiences
Very much ignorance
Painful and yet unforgettable
Almost every time
Because of strong conviction
It takes me 
More than double time 
for healing
Letting go
Requires greater courage
and forgiveness
Forgiveness for self
And forgiveness for others
It brings out a stronger character

Since betrayals are part of life
Let's look into this incident 
For a deeper reason
Healing is part of life
Forgiveness is a big part of life
Letting go is the same

Choose the clean energy
Work with great souls and hearts 
Trust your instincts
Take time 
For everything
To feel your way 
For the desired outcome

20 February 2012


Invites the essence of it

Feel great
It brings you greater love
joy and inspiration
The world is rising high 
Within you
Smiles are everywhere
Prosperity is effortless
Life is like a beautiful beach
With cocktails standby
And all the beautiful girls catching eyes

Feel bad
Nothing seems good enough
Darkness fills the sky
Strom is about to rise
Stars are hiding tight
Tears are coming just right
Fear and frustration
Rocks the world
And the sleepless night lose the sight

Know the power of attention
Where is your focus
What is the meaning behind
Date with destiny
Begin with your decision
A true decision
That is no turning back

I know you
You are a kindred soul
You have conviction
You are a true spiritual warrior
Straight from the heart
Once and for all 
Or nothing at all
Brings your dream closer

Invites the essence of it
Be inspired 
In a moment
By another moment

Mission accomplished 
Or do not begin 
Leave with high note

18 February 2012

Don't GIve Up

I know 
You hear my wishes
I know 
You hear my prayers
Don't give up 
Don't give up

Sometimes I am not sure
how to take this 
In the darkness
I call on all angels 
Show me the way
To protect you
Don't give up
Don't give up 

I ask for your forgiveness
I ask for your blessing
I ask for your acceptance

You have given me life
I slowly find the life path
I am the Authority
To write my own life story
Thank you for being part of it

I know
You are watching over me
I know
You are protecting me
Don't give up 
Don't give up

Calling all angels 
You are protected 
You are cared for
You are loved 
You are life
Don't give up 
Don't give up

Beautiful New Car

My loving family in Holland
Sent me these few beautiful pictures
For the beautiful new car long awaited 
I shared their joy
And honored to be part of their lives

This family love 
Has showered me 
With much strength
From time to time
I am so grateful 
They are there for me
For the shining days
and also big thunder nights
With their unconditional love
I found my way home

Thank you so much
My lovely sister & brother
For your love
Close and dear
In my heart
Love you both
Very much

My Life

My Life My Legacy
My Work My Love
It's always gonna to be this

I am the movement 
Movement is me
I am the changes
Changes is me
I am the freedom 
Freedom is me
I am the dream 
I am the fire within
I Am My Life
My Life is Me

Have fun with it

Message from Directors

Message from Directors

‘Going Extra Miles in Personal Service
~ that is a True Luxury!’

We would like to record our appreciation
for all the business partners and associates
in all industries and markets,
for your on-going hunger and new appetite
in learning and growing
with the market leaders in Best Practices
professionally and personally.

Stepping into the Year 13th
is a huge breakthrough for us.
We seek changes.
We welcome changes.
We embrace changes.
We lead with the changes.
Best Practices leaders are inspired with the changes.
That is the only mission
behind ‘Best Practice Management’.

For this issue,
you will realize
what separates the mass market from luxury market,
and how the business leaders
get personal with their VIP customers
to make them feel really great
and create a compelling proposition
to engage them differently
to drive loyalty.

It’s personal,
and yet details.

True luxury ~
comes from extra miles in Personal Service.
That is the ultimate ‘Midas Touch’
with your brand experience!

Let’s be up-close and personal.
You are our VIPs.

Note on 18 Feb 2012

A journey 
Is made up of many moments 
of knowing and not knowing
On this note
I wrote it one day
And rewrite the title again and again 
For the next 3 days

Changes ~
Is Life
Life ~
Is Changes
One fine day
I know 
It's not the perfection 
I am after
It's this imperfection
that has been pushing me 
outside comfort zone
Challenging my quest for meaning
A journey
That when i look back
It's all worth it

Little sweats and tears
Becomes little legacy work
That I may smile 
Looking back...