Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

29 November 2011

Tears for Papa's Love

I cry a lot these days
Almost everyday
Thinking about papa

Connecting with you
beyond the physical dimension
I open my heart for papa's love
It just brings me to tears 

I may not be physically present with you all the time
I know how much 
you have missed and 
loved me from your heart
Papa's love is always so unconditional 
That brings me even greater tears

I promise 
this time going home 
is all about papa
I will make all the time 
just for papa
He wants nothing from me
only time with him
My heart is so pain 
just thinking about him...

I promise ~
to have good time with you
I love you papa
Remembering good times together
makes you stronger
and enjoy each day

I promise ~
Loving you each day
Get strong & healthy
I will see you again

I promise

23 November 2011


I promise myself 
To be strong 
To begin a new life

I promise myself 
To begin a new life 
With love

I am centered
I am grounded
I fully breath through all the pains...
And release them with gratitude

New life
New chapter
This is the movement


With higher mind
With higher purpose
With love

Search for Meaning

The slowing-down
Indulge in no-thing
Get rid of all the meetings
No more to do list
Just to breath
In absolute freedom 
Searching for
The meaning of life

The travel experiences
Different faces
and different places
What is familiar
What is not
Just to breath
In absolute joy
Searching for 
The meaning of life

The journey 

All the moments of them...

Dare to Dream Again

You never know
When the opportunity knocks
Be prepared
Be ready
to work hard on oneself

Life may seem so unfair and not square
Let's make fun of it
Screw it

When nothing else happen
close to what you want
Dare to dream again
Hold tight on your last breath
Your beliefs about who you are
Speak louder than what you have done

Believe ~
You are good enough
You are as great as you believe
You are extraordinary
You are awesome
You are outstanding
just the way you are!

Dare to dream again
No approval is needed

Fly your wings
The sky is all yours

20 November 2011

Back to Basic

We come to this world 
with unprecedented passion and fire.
So basic , so simple... 

With life ~
We dream.
We fear.
We laugh.
We cry.
We conquer.
We celebrate.
We travel.
We color.
We work.
We play.
Throughout time & space
Human needs become ~
Yet so difficult, so complicated.

Remaining time
We long for 
back to basic.


Strength come from ~
Remembering all the magical moments
that take our breath away.
Appreciating beauty in 
pure love.

That is 

19 November 2011




We come
and go 
Only you 
know the timing

You are strong
You are our Hero
You are timeless
You are wisdom
You are strength
You are beauty
You are love
You are eternity


I am with you
Love you

Life ~
Heartbreak Awakening

Live now
Be now

05 November 2011

Mystic Sky

Oh my
Your silent beauty
is strong and powerful
What is your mystical message?

I am the sky
All the emotions and challenges
Just like the little clouds
Flying here and there
That is the life's beauty

Nothing is permanent forever
Joyful awakening is your name

In embracing your romance whisper
I dance with you
Under mystic sky
In absolute freedom
In breathless beauty