Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

29 June 2012

Sisters Love


My dearest sisters 
You know who you are
Just wanted to record my appreciation 
For all the good, bad and ugly moments
That you have showered me 
With tons of unconditional love 
Turning trials into triumphs

My dearest sisters
You are my inspiration
You are the essence of modern women
Feminine & confident
Elegant & stylist
Strong & sophisticated
Alluring & graceful
Evolving & captivating
Beautiful inside out

Forever cherish 
The love for sisters
The true joy of deep connection and love
You have made me
The most blessed soul

I send you all 
Deep love and joy
The world becomes so much beautiful 
Because of you


A little extra 
From a very good friend
A powerful woman
She and Chanel
It's brand association

In matters of style
Swim with the current
In matters of principle
Stand like a rock

You know who you are
The very first moment 
Two souls meet
You are there for each other 
Women Empowerment Circle
A little seed will take time to grow
It's all about personal power

Appreciation for life
Very blessed...

Beautiful Flowers

A very good friend 
Gives me beautiful flower today
Insists that I must come out
For celebration
Just like a family

Looking at these beautiful flowers
I am deeply grateful
At the first moment 
It reminds me of my old days
For the first time
I received 100 roses 
From the first love 
How sweet 
How romantic
It was a history
I realize we have moved on in life
Healing takes time
Time heals all
It becomes a good memory
A sweet memory by now

These beautiful flowers
Remind me 
To fully live in the present moment
There is a timing for everything
Time to shine
Time to hold on
Time to let go 
Time to say bye bye
Believing eternal love 
will never die
Only change forms
The spirit remains

I am so grateful
Love & Live 
Everyday mission

28 June 2012

Love & Life

A special day 
To catch up with Holland Family
It has been some times 
since we last met and 
connected with each other over screen
Many emotions & triggers
Emotional honesty and openness in many sharing
It's all about love & life
Simplicity & satisfaction

While I am still grieving for the loss of loved ones
Sometimes I prefer some private space for healing
To honestly feel and accept the pain
What has become so much different now is 
The pain need not be the suffering
I just want to really feel it 
What is it about
Honestly see and feel 
What is the mind doing
What is the body doing 
And what is my heart feeling
Let it all out
Be spontaneous

I still cry a lot these days
During my meditation
During my silence
I would not know the difference
And let it be
Deep meditation is deep silence
And deep silence is my deep meditation
Release of disempowering energy
Let it all out 
Until I am done
I am not that critical anymore 
About myself
So what 
Now what

Love & Life
Many long and hard lessons
Many masters many journeys
Many faces many places
Many insights many wisdom
My intention set
I wanted to be Ben Tzu
In 10 years time
Maybe I could possibly be Ben Lao Tzu
For my own life
For being the most closest friend
to my second generation in the family
An old auntie is now being called Ben Tzu
To light up their paths
To show them many options
To love them just the way they are
And to let them make their own choices
Still accountable for their most important mission
That is ~ Love & Life
And I am doing it right now

I dedicate this special day
In remembering all the loved ones 
My beloved mama and papa
Beloved sister and angel
All my family
My sisters and brothers
My grown up youngster 
My good friends and masters
All the beautiful souls and hearts
Near and far
Be alive 
Be awake
Be alert
Just BE
And above all else
All the people who have appeared and crossed path
One way or another
Where our souls meet 
For some reasons or some seasons
Be courageous enough to say NO
Only focus on 
What really matters in life

A special thank you to 
Very wise family in Holland
I am so grateful to be part of your family
Be strong
Be happy 
Be love
Everyday mission
Love & Live

27 June 2012

The Secret Garden

The secret garden
Is a place for deep meditation
For world peace & self love
Learn the basic language of love again
Back to basic 
Feel so amazingly blessed 
A place to give love unconditionally
Requires so much patience and dedication

The secret garden
Is a place for a big family 
Accepting all the differences 
Learn the basic language of love again 
Back to basic
How love could transform life
A place to give love unconditionally
Requires so much courage and strength

The language of love
The secret garden
Grows in silence
In deep silence
That is power

OSHO - On Love

Osho Quotes on Love
Whenever there is love you will be a king. It simply needs understanding — that it is love, not the person. The person is instrumental. Then you are not imprisoning the person. Love cannot be imprisoned and there is no need to imprison it. Love is your song — you can sing it any time. It is like breathing.  Nobody is going to take it away from you; nobody can take it away from you.
Love should be without any expectations; otherwise laughter dies. When you expect, frustration comes in. Nobody can fulfill your expectations, and there is nobody who needs to fulfill them. They come out of a mad, neurotic mind. If somebody fulfills them then too love disappears. Then the other becomes a necessity, a need, a possession — a valuable possession but a possession all the same.
We are creating a different kind of world based on love, in love and for love. The ordinary world is against love. It does not give freedom to the individual, it does not have any respect for the individual, it does not accept the individual and his way of life.
Become a language of love. Facts are okay, but just okay; they don’t make life a rejoicing, they don’t create celebration. They can give you a better standard of life but they cannot give you a new passion for life, they cannot give you intensity of life. They cannot give you quality; they can only give you quantity. Only the language of love starts penetrating you through a different dimension, through the vertical dimension.
When you become accustomed to love and you know what is going to happen, it becomes a routine, predictable; it is no more of any value. Love lives only when it remains unpredictable; one never knows what is going to happen. When nothing can be taken for granted, not even for a single moment, when one can allow and one can accept that this is going to happen, when the next moment remains open with no possibility of predicting, then there is laughter because there is constant surprise.
Deep contentment is the visible sign of love. Whenever a person is in love, he is in deep contentment. Love cannot be seen, but contentment, the deep satisfaction around him… his every breath, his every movement, his very being — content.
We think we love. And if you think that you love, then there is no possibility for love to happen — because if this is love, then everything is closed. Make fresh efforts. Try to find in the other the real being that is hidden. Don’t take anybody for granted. Every individual is such a mystery that if you go on and on into him it is endless. But we get bored with the other — because just the periphery, and always the periphery.
Remember always: in love, you are always wrong. And then the possibility will open and the other will also feel the same. We create the feeling in the other. When lovers are close, immediately thoughts go jumping from one to the other. Even if they are not saying anything, they are silent, they communicate.
Language is for non-lovers, those who are not in love. For lovers, silence is enough language. Without saying anything, they go on speaking.
If you take love as sadhana, then don’t say the other is wrong. Just try to find out: somewhere, something must be wrong in you, and drop that wrongness.
These are the two paths. Love means working out your path through relationship. And meditation: working it out in your loneliness. Love and meditation — these are the two paths. Feel which will suit you. Then bring your total energies to it, and move on that path.
Love, and more love becomes available; use more and you have more. This is the law of life. You can eat the cake and have it also. Compassion, love, activity, whatsoever the dimension, the same rule applies. Whatsoever you want more of, do the same. If you want to become an infinite source of love, then go on sharing love as much as you can. Don’t be a miser; only misers lose energy. And we are all misers, that’s why we always feel dissipated.
When you are in love, language is not needed. Gestures… even silence becomes eloquent.
Love needs another; meditation can be done alone. Man can achieve through meditation — that’s why he can achieve directly. He can be alone. He is alone deep down. Loneliness comes naturally to man. For a woman, to be alone is difficult, very difficult, almost impossible. Her whole being is a deep urge to love, and for love, the other is needed. How can you love if the other is not there? You can meditate if the other is not there — there is no problem. Woman, the female energy, reaches the meditative state through love; and the male energy reaches love through meditation.
Our love is a relationship. And when love is a relationship, it creates misery.  When love is a state of being, it creates bliss. A Buddha is also in love, but he is not trying to love you. Simply because of the way he is, love spreads. Love becomes a perfume and goes to the far comers of the earth.

On this love note
One of our good friends
Has been falling for someone 
that is absolutely beyond explanation
Love is so blind
Beauty is in the eyes of beholder
Many jaws are fallen
Knowing that 
she has her own growth journey
She sees no-thing
She hears no-thing
Only him
What a powerful insight

Everything takes time
Wishing her a good return to her own core
When she is ready to see and hear
When she is open for deeper level of growth
At this point in time
When her heart is stolen
She needs to find her own way home
Till then
Enjoy the empty heart 
Enjoy the love
Enjoy the falling of love
Enjoy the rising back
if this trigger her consciousness

Wishing you love and happiness
With love on purpose
Nothing happen is an accident
Be conscious of that

Surprise Gift

One of my best friends and sister 
Gives me a big surprise
Samsung Galaxy S III as a gift 
To celebrate another milestone in life
I am so much grateful

It's been more than 10 years 
We celebrate our friendship & sisterhood
What hold us close and strong
are those great values and teachings from 
many world class masters' teaching on life 
Be more with less
Has been one of the greatest lesson 
we put into practice for the last 5 years
And we are carrying ourselves well

Above all else
We love ourselves 

A day 
With so much gratitude

Live 'The Charged' Life now

26 June 2012


When the day is gone
We want to ultimately be able to look back 
and be responsible for our choices and decisions
Be congruent with who we are 
Be grateful with all the little moments 
that impacted our lives 

I am so much grateful 
For all the journey I have been through
For all the moments and experiences 
that make me who I am 

For all the beautiful souls and hearts
You know who you are
Thank you so much for loving me unconditionally
Thank you so much for empowering my life
Thank  you so much for believing in me
Your trust is bigger than anything I could have ever asked
Your faith could move mountain
Your belief could transform life

I am so much grateful

25 June 2012

Show Me Home

Dear God
Please illuminate me
Please bring more light into me 
I need high voltage of love and light 
I need to see more of my inside
Bring me the truth

I am accountable for my own life
For all the bad choices and decision
I ask for forgiveness
Please guide me
I totally surrender to you 
I bow into you
Show me home 

24 June 2012

The Charge

The Charge
by Brendon Burchard

Activating The 10 Human Drives
that Make You Feel Alive

Meet the Chargers
1) Chargers are open and observant in the moment
2) Chargers are future oriented
3) Chargers are challenge seekers
4) Charges are deeply interested in, and 
    authentically connect with others
5) Chargers are self-reliant
6) Chargers are creatively driven
7) Chargers are meaning makers

The 10 Human Drives
1) If I've felt caged or too comfortable in my recent life,
    it's probably because ...
2) If I'm going to start experiencing a more Charged Life, 
    I would have to ...
3) Of all the traits of Chargers, 
   the one I could better integrate or amplify in my life
   would be ...

Section I: The Five Baseline Drivers
1) The Drive for CONTROL

1) If I were to live at a higher level of character
   and maintain a more positive outlook, 
   I would have to begin ...
2) Two things I could schedule in my calendar right now
   to 'control for new' and introduce novelty and challenge 
   into my life are ...
3) A project that I could get involved in 
    or create immediately that would allow me to be more fully
   invested in my work and shepherd a project from 
   beginning to end would be ...

2) The Drive for COMPETENCE

1) One area I would have to develop more skill and competence in
    if I am going to make my dream future come true is ...
2) A 60-days speed-learning challenge I'm going to give myself is ...
3) One of the ways I'm going to start celebrating my wins
   and integrating my success into identity is to ...

3) The Drive for CONGRUENCE

1) To live my 6-words standards each day,
    the behaviors I would have to stop or start in my life
    to be more congruent with them are ...
2) 3 things I could do everyday to better manage my mood
    so I can have a grater day-to-day congruence in how I feel are ...
3) 5 Commitments I'm going to make and keep in the next 60 days are ...

4) The Drive for CARING

1) 5 ways I'm going to start taking better care of myself include ...
2) If I were willing to be more vulnerable in life, 
    I'd probably start asking for more help 
    in the area of ...
3) 3 ways I'll start demonstrating more care for the people in my life are 
    to ...

5) The Drive for CONNECTION

1) 5 things I could do immediately to crate happier and deeper relationships
    in my life would be ...
2) If I did a better job in positively projecting toward my significant other, 
   I would start to give that person credit for these things ...
3) The growth friends I have in my life or
    will now cultivate include ...

Section II:
The Five Forward Drives

6) The Drive for CHANGE

1) A major change I've been holding back from making 
    in my life because of an expectation of loss, process, or outcome pain is ...
2) A clear and bold new change I could make in my life would be to ...
3) The this-that rules I can apply to this clear and bold new change 
    would be ...

7) The Drive for CHALLENGE

1) The next big and bold challenge 
    I'm going to take on in my life is to ...
2) If I stopped fearing rejection, 
    a challenge I would have taken on earlier in my life 
    would have been to ...
3) The 30-days challenges I could set for myself 
     over the next 12 months include ...


1) To show more of me and express myself more creatively
    at home and at work, I will ...
2) To be more inspired by people and design in my life, 
    I could start ...
3) The next thing I'm going to physically create and share
    with the world will be ...

9) The Drive for CONTRIBUTION

1) I feel I contribute to the world around me by ...
2) A new and deeply meaningful giving experience
    I'd like to create is ...
3) Someone who could use my mentoring is ...

10) The Drive for CONSCIOUSNESS

1) If I were more aware and directive of my consciousness in life, 
    my life would change in these ways ...
2) To connect with a higher consciousness on a more regular basis,
    I could ...
3) The things that inspire my wonder about the world and my place it it
    include ...

What an insightful book
To live a Charged Life
Is a choice
Is a mindset
Is an attitude
It's within our power

Effortlessly Charming

You have a very charming smile 
And your eyes are inviting
In a fantasy world
You have made the world upside down
With much pleasure

You have a very charming personality
And your gentleness is so sweet 
In a fantasy world 
You have made the world upside down
With much pleasure

For charming experience
You are a powerful man

Have we met somewhere yet
I remember your smile
I remember your eyes
I remember your kiss

You are 
Effortlessly charming

Ladies Night

Ladies Night
19 June 2012

What the kick ass women do
When powerful woman meets another powerful woman
They are great friends and sisters
Woman has a natural touch of sensuality and sensitivity
Remember like attracts like
Aspiration to be ourselves
Openness to share deeply 
What is current priority and upcoming plans
We all generously support each other emotionally and mentally
A night 
That we appreciate 
Who we are 

All in all 
Life must be fun

Lunch Appreciation

My sister cooked me a lovely lunch
Simple yet fully satisfied
Besides lunch appreciation
What came as a surprise
Is a card
Message from her heart
It must not be easy
A late awakening and apology
For how my emotional maturity 
Has been a true blessing to her
For all the unconditional love and support 
In total acceptance of who she is 
And what I believe she could possible be

Sometimes ~
In a family love
Nothing has come as easy 
Do not take love for granted
It applies in any love and relationship
It requires an extra mile of acceptance and understanding
That must be a reason why we are in a family relationship 

It's the love that counts
Love inspires and moves souls
From the deepest level 
You know ~
When you truly love
It transforms life

I do not know 
How to be or do otherwise
Only unconditional love that lasts

I live very much in the present moment
I give thanks for the present experience

Is now

23 June 2012

Message to a dear friend

Message to a dear friend & sister

Almost 2 years
Your indecision
Your out of focus
Your non-professionalism
Has dragged your energy
to the different direction
And you are blinded by
looking for love in the wrong direction

Until recent catching up with you
Knowing that you are looking for inspiration
You are hiding and meeting someone
you know coming to your life 
for a reason 
But all the happenings are surprise
You are blinded by a match
You are swept off the floor by a fool
You are hiding
You are covering up
You are not ready to listen and accept advice
You are slowly investing your heart 
for the love interest 
that is beyond your control

If you are 18
Then this is part of growing up experience
Now you are at your early fifties
What a funny experience you want

Have you ever asked yourself
What is your soul lesson?
What are you fearful of?
What are you covering up?
What is it that you are not seeing and hearing?
What is it that is blocking you?

Love interest 
In the wrong direction
Will only create pain
What are you covering up?

Give yourself some time
For awakening
For clarity
For a bigger why

Find your way home
Wishing you well

You are my dear friend and sister
I wish you real happiness & fulfillment
that you deserved