Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

31 July 2011

Give True Love A Chance

A secret love

A woman in her early fifty
Shared very sweetly
About her secret love
A love story that first had it's sparks 30 years ago
Due to the shyness of the man when he was young
And reluctant to make her first move when she was very young
They moved on to their separate path

Career choices make them apart in distance
Both moved on with life
Having family and children
In between
still thinking about the secret love for each other
It's a secret that was hidden in their both hearts

After 30 years has passed
The woman's significant half 
has gone to heavenly world in peace and love
The man is a strong family man 
that fulfills every duty of a husband and father
The love was lost in his marriage
Only family responsibility and obligation

Entering into the mid age
Realizing time asset is running out
Some significant moments hit them both
Grown up children have their wings 
to fly to pursue their dreams
How much they have missed out in life
without each other
Life becomes critical in having great companionship
That you could share the deepest love and passion
Make each other laugh and feel loved
and appreciated

Until today
Their love and spark for each other remain
This is what they needed to know and appreciate
Suddenly the man took his whole life's courage
To express his secret love
Out of a sudden
The woman's world becomes
enlightening and fill with love and inspiration
Love is the most powerful emotion for a woman
It's all she has dreamed about 
It's all she is living for

Life is strange some time
It takes different turns and u-turns to find true love
There is nothing right or wrong
It takes much courage to live
A life that is true to yourself
A life that you are passionate about
A life that you know
It's within your power and intelligence
to create a compelling life of your own
And life will never be the same
the moment the true love recognizes your soul

Give true love a chance
Make a conscious choice
Choose how to live your life
Make peace with your past
Listen to your heart
And accomplish more with your loved ones

A secret love
Becomes true love
30 years seems like yesterday
Their love is still refreshed 
and rekindled every day
They make each other
The only and the last man and woman
they have ever fall in love again
in their lives

What a blessings!
Give true love a chance 
It's a gift 
that you deserved

How true is your love
How deep is your true love
When the two true souls meet
You will know

It's the essence of two souls 
become one
Give true love a chance

30 July 2011

Life Is Like A Cookie

Life is like a cookie
Given the same ingredients and requirements
If we are called to make cookies
Think, feel, or taste cookies
Even describe cookies
We all have our individual perspective of
What makes a great cookie
What tastes a great cookie
What looks a great cookie
... to YOU!

Who you are 5 years from now
Depends on the knowledge you acquire
Who do you associate with
And what actions have you taken
This is so true
I remember our beloved 
World Class Thinker & Trainer Jim Rohn said that

Life is like a cookie
Some like it sweet
Some like it salty
Some like it hard
Some like it soft
Some like it hot
Some like it round
Some like it square
Some like it various shape and color

Like is like a cookie 
Some cookies come in a beautiful box
Some cookies are customised to your taste
Some cookies are home made
Some cookies are mass production
By a World Class producer
Turning a great idea into a fortune
Because people love it

Life is like a cookie
Open to experience different cookies
Create and choose your own favourite taste of cookie
Share the joy of making and tasting cookies
Give away your extra cookies
When you smile to the world sharing your cookies
More cookies will be coming to you
In Abundance

Enjoy your cookie!

29 July 2011

Purification Leads to Freedom

With Simplicity 
Simplify your thoughts
Simplify your foods
Simplify your love
Simplify your life
Simplicity is Beauty
Purification leads to Freedom

With Letting-go
Letting-go things that you do not need anymore
Letting-go relationship that does not serve you anymore
Letting-go emotional baggage and leave it behind
Letting-go old self and transform into reborn
Letting-go brings you new opportunity to shine again
Purification leads to Freedom

With Knowledge & Action
Turn the potential of knowledge into power
Massive action 
Massive result
Commit to learn from the Successful people
You do not need to reinvent the wheel of Success
Purification leads to Freedom 

With Healing
Healing the emotional pain that were old and new
Healing from the Inside out
Healing for spiritual growth
Healing to open the heart again
Healing brings new openness and hope 
Purification leads to Freedom 

With thoughts on Emptiness
Concentrating on the hidden opportunity in the problem
invigorates your mind and plants only positive imprints
If situation can be fixed
Why get upset about it
If a situation cannot be fixed
What's the use of getting upset
Purification leads to Freedom 

With Re-organization
Reorganize life priority
Reorganize your sources of happiness
Reorganize your juices of creativity
Re-organize your time investment
Re-organize yourself
Towards living a purposeful life
Purification leads to Freedom

With Contribution
Contribute your wealth
Prosperity will find you
Contribute your knowledge and talents
Wisdom will be with you
Contribute your time and energy
Happiness will be glowing with you
Contribute your love and kindness
Deep peace start with you towards world peace
Contribute your great thoughts and actions
You help to uplift and enrich the world
Purification leads to Freedom

28 July 2011


Some love stories last
Some don't
Some move on quickly
Like nothing happen
Some are greedy 
Wanted more than one at the same time
Some are seriously love
and seriously hurt
and seriously take time to heal

Every story has a purpose
Coming into the story line 
has a beauty of sharing a gift
Spiritual opening and closing 
Soul evolvement
Lesson learned
Love moves on

I was hurt
One time and for all
My heart was closed
There are many layers of old pain
appearing new
just like yesterday

Many healing work
The little child within
still cries soft and strong
For the love and passion
that I believe in a love story

Many winter seasons later
I still believe
There is a true love
A love story
Worthy of waiting for the right soul
to recognise the chemistry and fire
But first
Forgive myself
Fill my own self tank with love
Then I have extra love for others

I forgive myself
For getting hurt
I forgive myself
For making mistake
I forgive myself
For taking risk
In searching a love story
I forgive myself
In hurting others

I forgive you
For hurting me
I forgive you
For my lost hope of love story
I forgive you
For your greed in love
I forgive you
For a short journey together
that make me grow crazy

I forgive you
To begin a new life
I forgive you
To be true
I forgive you
I was loved
I forgive you
To be free
I forgive you
To deserve your dream
And carry that love story ahead
With a new chapter

Feel great now
Feel free now
Feel love now
Let the little door to your heart
Slightly open
Until and unless you are comfortable
Let it wide open
A love story
That you believe in
Take pride and experience love
As it coulda woulda shoulda
Bring you deep joy inside out
Unconditional love
That you deserve it
For all the seasons

With forgiveness
All the Greater Wall of heart melts
Believe in your love story

Write one
Create one
Believe one
It's your love story
It's a gift from God

A love story
Seeing and experiencing love
With new eyes 
and heart

Inner Voice

Tell me
What do you want
If you feel and think that
Life is throwing you off balance
Go back to your basic
Tell me what do you want

Tell me
What is your heart's deepest desire
What makes your heart sing
What keeps you awake till mid night
And wake up early
What brings wide smile to your face

Tell me
What makes you cry
What makes you angry
What makes you fulfilled
What makes you love and light
What touch your heart and soul
What is life celebration look life
that is worth living 

I want to know all
Tell me
What is your heart's deepest desire

What would you do
if you know that you could not fail?
What would you like to build?
What would you like to touch?
What gifts would you like to share?
How would you invest your time with?
And with whom?

You see
You have already know a thing or two
About who you are
And what you want to do
That personal power
That personal freedom 
will bring forth

What lies before or after
Is not as important as
What lies within you

Take a moment
Go deep within
You will have all these answers
To create a compelling life you want

How do I know?
I am your ~
Inner Voice

When you are patient with me
Your life will be patient with you
When you are passionate with me
Your life will be passionate with you
When you love freely and unconditionally
Unconditional love will pour unstoppable to you

Deep down
that knowingness and bliss
You are Me 
I am You

In absolute silence
and tranquility
You will hear my whisper

I am the open book 
for all your deepest heart's desire
Your Wish Is My Command

Pay attention
That is my intention for you


Purity of Mind

In life
We come across many souls and hearts
Some are co-creators of empowering experiences
Some are bringing painful soul lessons
For the soul to evolve
To know yourself more
To know ~  within it
You are a gift to help each other grow
in Pain or Pleasure
Or otherwise

You know
Who you are
In any circumstances
With any souls that come into contact
Everything happens for great reason

Many lost count moments and experiences
One same emotional result
Finish the unfinished business
And move on

Know the imprint of the mind
Where does the pain come from
How does this come about
What is the soul lesson
How to let go
And heal

As within
So without

As above
So below

It took me some time
To appreciate this wisdom
Now I could comprehend
What is the purity of mind
That if you deliberately conscious about
What is going on
Within you
With clear intention
Asking your higher self for guidance
Make purity of mind
The only number one priority
Life will give you
A brand new empowering experiences

Within me
There is an unlimited sources of energy
and wisdom
To live a life that
I have always desire
That I believe
I deserve
all the finest things and life experiences

In the garden of my mind
I plant only Seeds of Greatness

Purity of Mind
In Stillness
And turning deep within
Like breathing in and out

The result
A Beautiful Mind
A Beautiful Heart
A Beautiful Tree of Greatness
with all the beautiful Fruits of Greatness


How could I possible lost myself?
How could I not remembering who I am?

I am Reborn


I Know You

I think I know you
You are Strong
You are Intelligent
You are Beautiful

Above all else
You love life
You love yourself
You are your own leader
You are your own life's legacy

I think I know you
You are Significant
You serve 
and sacrifice
You are the most important person
  in your own life

Above all else
You give it all
Your love for life
Your love for work
Your love for people

I think I know you
You meet and touch all souls and hearts in life
with open mind and spirit
You trust deeply
All the relationship come into contact
Bring forth with it
is a beautiful gift within

Deep down we are here to
Leave a legacy

I know you
You care so much
For each relationship that come into your life
And give the most of yourself
It is personal to you
Despite the outcome
Sometimes you got screwed
Sometimes your personal reputation is at stake
Sometimes there is a financial loss with negative balance
Sometimes the damage is unbearable
That you are willing to forgive and heal
To let go and heal
And take time and heal

As ~
You still believe
You still trust
You are the creator of your own life
You take the responsibility
for your own experience
You pick up life wisdom
with your emotional openness
and spiritual openness
in serving your soul 
and higher purpose

I know you
You are an Aspiration
You lead from the Inside out
You are forward looking in life outlook

Above all else
You are the Courage
You know it well
It's not that
You are knocked down by life 1000 times
But you insist to stand up again at the 1001st times
And you did

I know you
You are the Dream
A life that you will keep on pursue
What makes your heart sings
What makes you fulfilling
That is your life force
Your inner motivation 
Your inspiration

Above all else
You write your own life story
You leave your life's legacy
Building on one story at a time
One magical moment at a time
With all the beautiful souls and hearts
Coming into contact
with deeper meaning
That have helped you to transform
From caterpillar to a butterfly
Some people see it dies
Some people see it a new born life
You know it well
It never dies
It's a new life

I know you
You are Divine
You are Love
You are Light

Above all else
You are alive
I know you

27 July 2011

A Sense of Divine Pride

An old friend visits
Who took almost 2 years off
in taking care of her elderly dad
Recently she is back to corporate world
Looking for life stability 

She got her dream job
Decent income
Regular working hours 
More family time
This is what she ask from her divine guidance
And she is happy

Not very long ago
She lost her beloved dad 
This is very private to her
As she opens up
In her eyes
There is a crystal clear pool of tears and stars
which she take pride in her divine guidance
And now life has to move on 
to a new chapter
knowing that she has done her very best
And she is loved

At last 
both of us cried together
I hold her with a big hug
Confirming ~
Her dad must be watching us right now
with smile
and grace

That magical moment
reminds me of 
the loss of my beloved mum
a few years back
My heartbreak was just like

I knocked myself hard 
until this day
that my quality time with family
could be easily counted

I took all the accountability and responsibility 
of my own life
Leaving apart from family 
wasn't the only reason for independence
It's a conscious decision
For the journey of growth & mastery 

The strange thing is ~
Life could be understood 
only when we look back
And we are living at the present moment only

Deep down
I am so grateful
My family love is unconditional 
Knowing that 
We are all called for Higher Purpose work

I still remember 
when my mum thinks her time was up
to the heavenly new world
Until the very last moment
she still shower us 
with unconditional love
that she choose a day a time
to make it convenient for all of us
for a big family to come together

Mum's love
is so unconditional
is a sense of Divine Pride
The timing was just right for all get-together
The individual circumstance was just right 
in between the break
For me
That was the day I packed my old job
Saying goodbye
And some soul lessons to learn

Many years later until now
I still miss my mum
She always has a special place in my heart

Sorry seems the hardest words 
Please forgive me Mum
For all the growing pains and pleasures
For all the worries, fears and faiths
For all the life challenges that I keep them tight to myself
For all the life beauty that I only share

Deep down
You understand and appreciate 
all my emotional openness 
when we meet
when we say goodbye
and hoping we are always together again
That sadness and missing emotion
has taught us well
Life is like a beautiful sky
The weather is uncertain
Rainy day
should not be a part of this emotion
and enjoy no matter what

That Emptiness principle
slowly helps to develop a sense of Divine Pride

Thank you so much for your love
For your big heart 
so forgiving
so loving
so giving
so unconditional

The sky is beautiful today
I pay attention
to open my heart and mind
to experience 
a sense of Divine Pride
Thank you Mum
You are always showering us with love

With this 
I find strength again
to dream my dream 
to cruise into a new season
And I am loved and guided

I love you always
And I miss you so much...