Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

17 September 2011


Mediterranean Cruise

Countdown: 1 day
Mediterranean Cruise
Blue Romance
Once more we will connect
beyond eyes and ears
beyond fine wine and dining
beyond body, mind and spirit
I embrace them all
I surrender

Cruising trip this time
Is a new journey
Not a destination
Along the journey
There were hidden
Tears and fears
Courage and strength
Dream and hope
Changes and adjustment
Excitement and anticipation
I embrace them all
I surrender

What is a worthy goal
You know the answer
What is required of you
to grow and close to your life path
In embracing them all
Just surrender
Let your higher self handles
All your fears and tears
All your worry and story
All your uncertainty
Life is empty without meaning
In embracing them all
Just surrender

This moment
Feminine energy kicks in
Something strong beyond logic
Call it intuition
Call it higher power
I embrace them all
I surrender

When the caterpillar calls it 
'The End'
The butterfly calls it
'The Beginning'

In total embracement 
I am grateful

16 September 2011

The Lotus of Wisdom

The lotus of wisdom
Within you
There is a profound 
deep peace
Between time and space
Life is 
more than 
what it appears to be now

The lotus of wisdom
Within you 
There is a profound
deep joy
Between masculine and feminine energy
Life is 
more than
what its clarity and power could be

15 September 2011


We are 
the hands
and minds
of the Evolution
We were born with dreams
Sometimes we forget
Sometimes we are not remembering
Sometimes we do not remember

When we are in the 'void'
Nothing seems to be happening
We need to remember
That plateaus 
are absolute necessary for 
And refinement 
of our vision

continually presents 
a choice
of where to place our attention
and intention
How do we choose
As energy flows through and to us

We are attracted
to different people and situations
How do we stay on track
pops into our minds

A synchronicity 
opens up 
a new direction
Or we receive 
the grace of unexpected gifts
What do we do 
with what we receive

There is no one recipe
No one answer
Only questions
Ask yourself
What do you really want
What do you want to be/do/have
What is preventing you from being/doing/having this

Remember your intention
And look for clues
That the universe gives you

Because you are searching
Your path is changing

Who you choose to be
And allow it to manifest 
You hold the power within

New Season

What a new season
It may be too long to plan
It may be too short to live
Never take things for granted

In retrospective
Time for pain
Time for pleasure
Time for tear
Time for joy
Time for learning
Time for change
Time for letting go 
Time for healing
Time for closing 
Time for opening
Time for creation
Time for dream 
Time for significance
Time for extraordinary

New season
In promising outlook

In Remembrance

Beautiful September
12 months have passed 
It's a full one year
What could possibly happen
It's a choice

Slowing down
Living consciously everyday
Being naked emotionally and spiritually
It's something very unusual 
If not

I got to see and feel 
What is going on inside
It's never been easy
Just the right thing to be/do
That requires no introduction

In remembrance
And unlearning
The art of asking
All the big questions in life

In courage 
I ask for strength
I ask for clarity
I ask for gentle touch
in protection and guidance
What is it that 
I needed to know now
In silence
In remembrance
the answer

Beautiful season
In remembrance of someone
very significant
I am missing her very much
It's my beloved sister 
Almost 4 3/4 years have passed
It's a full 45 months
Memory is still strong
In another beautiful world
You are always with me

In all faces and places
In all shapes and weathers
In all love and healing
In all joy and beauty
In all tears and laughters
May you always know that 
You will have a special place
in our hearts
In silence
In remembrance
Your love


Crystal Cruise in Mediterranean Sea

V1319: Istanbul to Greece to Italy
Penthouse, Crystal Serenity

Last year 
During this time
I was in the center of Mediterranean Sea
Blue Romance
How sweet 
How delicious
Came as a nice surprise
It's indeed an absolute pride of dignity
Oriental sense of market touch
Soul and spirit for the brand experience
It was timely
to rest my heart

Time year
During this time
3 more days to go
I will be delivering a group of Oriental promise
In preparation and anticipation
Blue Romance
Once more our eyes and hearts will meet
And inspire others to experience you
It was timely
to build a dream

You know what is it
A dream
A soulful journey
A hopeful journey
A promising journey
3 days

I dedicate this gratitude to
All beautiful souls and spirits 
And you are invited 
to travel with me
In excitement 
I celebrate with you

Mykonos, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Kefalonia, Turkey

14 September 2011

The Art of Asking

It is Given

Be very careful of 
What do you really want 
And what you are asking for 

Be crystal clear 
What is your Intentions
And what is your vision

First is a Trigger
Follow by Awakening 
Probably becomes a Quest

This Evolution
comes with 

The Art of Asking
becomes natural 
It's one of the co-creating skills
with deep knowing
how this higher consciousness
impacts why we do what we do 
and how we just do it

The Art of Asking
It's so beautiful
It's so delicious
It's so powerful

Life is an art 

Choose your color
Live with color
Love with color
Ask with color
Inspire with color
Empower with color
Lead with color
Breath with color

Life is so colorful


Certain skills 
well polished with time
Certain vintage wine
well valued with time
Certain power
well unleashed with time
It's maturity 
that brings 
another new sense of 
knowledge and power
It's subtle
It's natural 
It's effortless
It's available
with maturity
Every living beings/things 
has time maturity
if not expiry

Certain circumstances
well solved/handled with time
Certain relationship
well bridged/understood with time
Certain potential 
well unleashed with time
It's maturity 
that brings
another new sense of 
creativity and energy
It's subtle
It's natural
It's effortless
It's available
with maturity
Every living beings/things
has time maturity
if not expiry

Certain challenges
gracefully handled with time
Certain fear
falsely appeared with time
Certain pain
optionally let go with time
It's maturity
that brings
another new sense of 
love and wisdom 
It's subtle
It's natural
It's effortless
It's available
with maturity
Every living beings/things
has time maturity
if not expiry

No pushing 
No punishing
Maturity comes with time
Fill it with love and compassion
Wisdom comes with maturity

Gives you a new sense of 
confidence and competence
It comes with time

13 September 2011

State of Allowing

I make a commitment to myself
To align with source energy
Make necessary adjustment/changes
to create a joyful experience 
All the dreams/things that I have ever wanted 
All extraordinary
All significance
All prosperity 
All love 
All creation
All manifestation 
In the state of allowing

Not trying hard making things happen anymore
Not trying hard making things complicated anymore
Not trying hard pushing things in one direction anymore
All great things 
All great creations
All great possibilities 
All great openness 
All great joys
Are well on its way
In the state of allowing

Feeling well
So delicious 
In remembering joyful life experience
Something sensual and hopeful
Something prosperous
In and out
In and out 
In the state of allowing

Inner knowing
In the state of allowing

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

A typical banker
Does not easily trust others
Absolute perfectionist in personality
Take every precaution steps
in decision and action
And squeeze the logic
for every unnecessary worry
Due Diligence
Due Diligence
Due Diligence
Is his last name

He has no idea
why the world 
is not waiting for him
He has no idea
What the world is going on
Where the world economy is going
How does that impact his business

The only thing that matters is
he takes time for decision and action
Due Diligence
Due Diligence
Due Diligence

Business is at the speed 
He is not in the game
His extensive Due Diligence
almost upset all his business partners
When he made up his mind for decision & action
The world is on another economy cycle
Due Diligence
Due Diligence
Due Diligence

Certain people appreciate 
Certain people scare away
Due Diligence 
Due Diligence
Due Diligence

Isn't it funny
Look at how people make decision
What is the basis they fall back on
What principles are there to guide them for decision
Business at the speed 
How are you coping with speed 
and yet make great decision and action
require much of your soul of leadership

Due Diligence
Certain profession is strictly applied
Certain business environment is fine
Certain personality comply
Certain decision does not apply

12 September 2011


Life is 
a series of changes
Every moment

Change is good
It pushes/pulls you 
into growth
If you are aware 
The change is necessary
to build character

The strength
The courage
The love 
The wisdom
Open you with new opportunity
Sometimes you may think
the game is over
Sometimes you just need
one opportunity
to turn around

When one door is closed
Another door is opened
There is no wrong turns 
in to the life experience
And know that 
you are not alone

Many lives 
Many masters
Many lives
Many gifts
Many lives
Many changes

Look straight in the eyes
of darkness and fear
They could not break you 
You are strong and powerful
You are not afraid
You will break through

Look beyond this moment
with joy and celebration
They are your driving force
You are creating your own
compelling story
One at a time

Changes is good
Changes is an invitation 
to create your silver liner story

11 September 2011

Powerful Image Keys

Messages of Universal Wisdom - by Barbara Evans

Empowerment Cards 

Image Key #1: Healing the Waters of the Earth
I ALLOW the vibration of Love to open and heal my heart

Image Key #2: Unity Over Water
I ALLOW the rainbow rays to activate my Inner Knowing

Image Key #3: Gift of the Feminine
I ALLOW creativity, grace and intuition to awaken within

Image Key #4: Labyrinth of Crystal Light
I ALLOW myself to walk this sacred and supported path

Image Key #5: Harmonic Concordance
I ALLOW and embrace the Energy of Evolution
as it enters my Being

Image Key #6: Galactic Connection
I ALLOW the awareness of Connections to ALL THAT IS

Image Key #7: Crystal Visions
I ALLOW love, balance and unity to BE my experience

Image Key #8: Return of the Feminine
I ALLOW the Divine Feminine to activate within

Image Key #9: Resurrection and Balance
I ALLOW the activation and integration of
Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine
within my BEING

Image Key #10: Wisdom of Solomon
I ALLOW the Golden Light of Wisdom
to ignite my DNA

New knowledge on
creating a new earth
Lead by Barbara Evans
A Scientist
turned into
an Artist & Author
Speaker & Healer
who breaks all the rules

Simply stunning
Simply inspiration
Simply powerful
Image keys
With Crystal Power
A real Empowerment tool
An absolute healing
Much needed in this world
Here and Now

Barbara Evans (in the center)
The Artist, Author, Speaker & Healer
of Image Keys who breaks all the rules

Moon Cake Celebration

Moon cake Festival
One of the celebrations
In Chinese culture & tradition
Family & friends get together
Find time for each other

Since when
This celebration is fading away
Only celebration in my heart
Wishing so strong
to celebrate with family & friends

You know
who you are
Know that
During this meaningful festival
I am thinking of you

May you enjoy
this moon cake
In deep thought
together with Chinese tea
I am thinking of you

Tradition must go on
Culture must be retained
Take a moment
I celebrate with my heart open
thinking of you

9/11 Remembered

9/11 Remembered
Gentle reminder on
Life is so fragile 
10 years from the date
Impact is still strong till today

Someone said
some beautiful lines
Time to remember
Time to forget 
Time to forgive 
Time to payback
Time to love
Time to hate
Time to laugh
Time to cry
Time to win
Time to lose
Time to dream 
Time to awake
Time for war
Time for peace
Time for pain
Time for heal
Time to feel now

For the losses of souls 
May you rest in peace 
For the friends and family
May you grow in strength 
You are remembered and missed
As we are part of this oneness
World peace begins from self

If you love
Love it now
If you forgive
Forgive it now
If you want
Want it now
If you dream 
Dream it now
If you live
Live it well now
If you are alive
Be happy now
Be grateful now

Be now
Do now
Live now
Love now
Only now