Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

20 January 2013

Life is an Adventure

For the last 12 to 15 months
I see the relationship in business
& friendship come and go
Just like the river
It goes back to where it belongs
No more unnecessary pressure
Of making things that does not work
Of pushing too hard for too little outcome
Of working too hard to please others
Of all the little acts with no joy
And serving no higher purpose
I let them all go

They come together
For a short hello & bye
Nothing can sustain
Without love & appreciation
I let them all go

Life is an adventure
Traveling is my inspiration
Seeing new places & faces
I must move on

When I travel
I bring all of you with me
In my heart & soul
Your love
Continues to be my strength
I will travel
I will make the rest of my life
The best of my life

Missing You

Remembering your love
Remembering your beauty
You are someone special
And now

Remembering your love
You are my Angel
You are my strength

I promise
To love life
To appreciate life
To live fully 
To love passionately

When someday 
I just want to disappear
When other days
I am on top of the world
And crying to share something deeper 
With people I love
When I turn around
Only realize 
No one actually by my side
You hear my weeping
You hear my heart's deepest desires
You hear my emptiness
You hear my pain

Know that
I want to share with you
I am missing you 
And now

I love you 
I miss you 

I see your smile 

Missing you
8th Anniversary
Just like yesterday
I still feel the pain of losing you
Healing upon healing

I promise you 
To love life
To love myself
To love you

08 January 2013


Change ~
Is an opening.
Is an expansion.
Is a growth journey.

Change ~
Is pain if you remain the same.
Is pleasure if you accept it.
Do what it takes to move you to your destiny.

What you did not change
Is more painful than your inaction or indecision.
If you die inside, 
nothing else really matters.
If you rekindle that little breathe, 
know what makes you come alive,
welcome change with open mind & open heart, 
indeed you are reborn inside out.
Your purpose found you.
Your life is so much bigger than you.

Change ~
After all is a movement.
The essence of who you are inside.
Crying out loud to shine.
Like the little twinkle stars.
Until and unless 
you give yourself permission for change, 
your life will never be the same.

Change ~ 
Is a mindset.
Is an attitude.
Is what you are about.
Is who you become.
Is your calling.
Is living your life path.
Look out no more.
Wait for no one.

Deep voice.
Wanted to travel far and deep.
Be The Movement.

Change ~ 
Be The Movement.
Honor that voice within.