Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

31 May 2012

Remembering Mama

Is a special day 
I am missing mama
Very much
Of course I remember your love
This marks the 7th Anniversary
That you are making a transition to a new dimension 
Your unconditional love remains intact
I am just missing everything about you

My dearest mama
May you know that
There is always a special place in my heart
Remembering your love
Remembering you

As I write
I am crying really hard
Remembering the beauty of your love
My heart is in deep pain
Still in deep grief missing you
Losing you 
As if I am losing a big part of me
Like a butterfly with broken wings 
It's never been easy
But I am coping
I am breathing deep 
One at a time
Day by day
Week by week
Month by month
Live for deeper purpose
Live for deeper passion
Live for deeper love 
Live for deeper joy

You always reminded me
Life ~
It's not about outer success
It's not about achievement
It's not about wanted more of more
The ultimate life question
Always come back to
Am I happy
Am I alive
Do I live passionately
Do I love deeply

You have lived your life fully
With deep love
With unconditional love
With unstoppable love and passion
With extraordinary love story
With meaningful love & life
It's a legend
I am very proud of you

This has been the hardest 
For the last 7 years
I am coping 
I am breathing deep
One at a time
The only difference is 
I live fully this time
I live passionately
I live happily
I love deeply
From moment to moment
I dedicate my love to you
An extraordinary woman
That will always at the deepest of my heart

Remembering your love 
Is a blessing
Is a celebration
Is a gift
Is a joy

I miss you mama
I love you

23 May 2012

Give Me A Break

Give me a break 
My head is heavy 
My brain is not working
My body is in pain

Give me a break
I only feel my heart pumping 
I only focus on my breath
One at a time

Give me a break

21 May 2012

Science of Creating Love

Science of Creating Love
by Orna & Matthew Walters

Class 1 – The Beginning of Your Journey
1.  Opening Visualization – Setting Your Intention
2.  The Premise of Our Work 
3.  What is Your Pattern?
4.  Visualization – Cutting the Cords

Class 2 – Letting Go of the Past
1.  Opening Visualization – Releasing Core Negative Emotions
2.  Self-Acceptance is the Key to Feeling Loved
3.  Re-Writing Your Life
4.  Take Responsibility for Your Feelings
5.  Visualization – Releasing a Person

Class 3 – The Steps to Emotional Authenticity
1.  Opening Visualization – Self Acceptance
2.  Steps to Emotional Authenticity
3.  Non-violent Communication
4.  Visualization – Heart Opening

Class 4 – Fill Your Cup to Overflowing
1.  Opening Visualization – Boundaries
2.  Service vs. Sacrifice
3.  Inner Child Date
4.  Releasing the Past
5.  Visualization – Releasing the Past

Class 5 – What Are You Saying to Yourself about Yourself?
1.  Opening Visualization – Your Timeline
2.  Date to Discover
3.  What am I Saying to Myself About Myself?
4.  How to Write a Good Affirmation
5.  Visualization – Changing the Negative Voice 
6.  What do You Desire in Your Partner?

Class 6 – What Does Love Mean to You?
1.  Opening Visualization – Connecting to Your Soul Mate 
2.  Your List of Ideal Qualities
3.  How do you rate?
4.  Visualization – Embodying Your Ideal Qualitites
5.  Your Ideal Scenes

Class 7 – The Bridge To Your Soul Mate
1.  Opening Visualization – Expanding Love
2. Visualization – Energizing Your Ideal Scenes
3.  The Love Of Your Life
4.  The Tipping Point
5.  Visualization – Bring In Your Beloved

19 May 2012

Love Actually

Life is so amazing
People come to life 
Some for a season
Some for a reason
Some for a lifetime
You know it 
When you listen to your soul

I have encountered 
Many beautiful souls 
No matter
How long we met
Whether we are still in connection
I finally realize 
This is love actually
The soul lesson is done
There is a spiritual closure

Deep love dissolves all
What you experience 
as a mirror from the other person
Is the issue that you are working hard at yourself
Should you choose to love yourself even more
You have awaken the higher consciousness in love

Life is simple
Make time to listen 
To your soul
To your heart
I finally realize
This is love actually 

17 May 2012


I went for a business meeting
Within short notice
Someone asked me
Do I believe in destiny
Do we have the ultimate control of our life path
What a big question
I know my answer
In search of meaning

Someone reminded me
I love to win
I love to be on the top
That special 'uumphh' of winning
Gives me extra strength
Success breeds success

The result never lie
Either you are on the top
Or aspiring to be on the top
Or you are not
Either you perform
and keep pushing hard to perform
And put your heart into it
Or you are not

I work very hard at it
From no choice to freedom
I seek the meaning of life
In different perspective
Focus on what I really want
What really matters
To live
To love
To learn 
To leave a legacy
That is the destiny
For me

Life is so beautiful 
The beauty itself 
Has different taste and style
Appreciate it 
The true beauty is timeless
It's classic

Forgive yourself
For all the big and small mistakes
For all the bad and ugly choices and decisions
For you to be authentic you
Your soul lesson is done
Keep moving 
That is another level of beauty awaits
That is the destiny

Love On Purpose

Take a moment 
Look at the mirror
See the light shining through you
Feel the love whirling up 
All the seven chakras slowly open up
One by one
Your charming smile
Your charisma
Your aura
Your energy
Your vibration
Is an inside job
Within you
Love on purpose

Until and unless 
You are so in love 
With the person in the mirror
You are in total acceptance
With who you really are
You do not need to give up
For someone else
Let love in 
Let you be you
Let love be love
Let grace be grace
Let fun be sheer fun
It's you
Within you 
Love on purpose

15 May 2012

Inner Self - Love Note

I love you
My inner self
Allow myself to be back-up
Allow myself to fall back
Allow myself to feel freely
Allow myself to express freely

I am in the long term relationship with me
I am so in love with myself

Crazy World

You are kind
You are loving
You are pure
In the past 
A few instances 
You have hard lessons on
Your kindness is being taken advantage of
Your loving is being taken for granted 
Your purity was manipulated
You have learned by now
When you put other's needs before you
As a result
You hurt yourself
Tons of pain
Self forgiveness 
Takes time to heal

You are too kind
You are too loving
You are too pure
Loving unconditional is the basic
Love on purpose
Painful lessons learned
Self forgiveness 
Takes time to heal 

It's a crazy world out there
Remember to 
Love yourself first
Follow your heart
Know your body
If you feel off
Out of alignment 
on who you are
Just pause and take a deep breath
Back to basic
Loving yourself must come first
Nothing else really matter

I am sorry for myself
I ask for forgiveness
I love myself
I appreciate myself


Kindness is a loving guide
That shows us how to live
A treasure which 
the more we spend
The more we have to give 
- Anon

12 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Is a very special day
Happy Mother's Day
For my beloved mama
I am thinking of you
I am missing you

It has been almost 6 years 
You are making a transition to a new world
Your unconditional love and support
Has been the greatest gifts of all

You have showered a big family
With all you know best
With all you do best
With all you love best
We love you

I am sorry
Please forgive me
For my mistakes
For my wrong doings
For my selfishness
For my pursuit of dream
For my lack of time being together

Your recent visit 
Has brought me a thrilling message
I am missing you
I am thinking of you
You are my guardian angel
You are watching over me
You are protecting me
You are loving me

To this special day
I am thinking of you
I am missing you
I love you

In appreciation 
And absolute healing
Today I dedicate for you
My beloved mama
And all the beautiful women in the world

May you continue to
Opening your heart
Loving yourself
Loving unconditionally
Nurturing instincts
To your emotional freedom
And spiritual well-being

May you be blessed with 
Stronger capacity to love
When you have given it all

May you find strength 
and unprecedented dignity
To be a role model 

May you find your life path
To shine inside out

May you be loved
And fully accepted
For who you truly are

May you feel love
In everyday's life

May you leave a mark for love
Making this world a better place

I miss you mama
Very much
I love you

10 May 2012

Calling In The One

Calling in The One
By Katherine Woodward & Claire Zammit

You have a vision
For your most fulfilling
radiant and soulful love
For a partner
You can walk through life with
And who can lean into
For comfort and support

This love is possible for you
Calling it into your life right now
Doesn't have to be a struggle
It may have been in the past
Desiring your soulmate
Shouldn't be a disappointing
or frustrating experience

Because you are a conscious
and awakening person
You have so much to give
And if you are here right now
It means that
You are ready to activate
Your most magnetic
and open-hearted self

You are willing
To do the work
And clear the blocks
So that you can finally attract
your soulmate and life partner
The rock-steady best friend
Your most ecstatic cheerleader
The One who will stand
As your spiritual partner
And significant half

You have probably done
A lot of development and transformation
work on yourself
Yet somehow
The kind of deep love
You are looking for
Eludes you
- which could be frustrating

Continuing the search
Can begin to feel like an empty pursuit
With disappointment
As its only destination
You may feel lost or confused
And wondering if you have done something wrong
Missed the boat
Or (most frightening of all)
that something is wrong with you

Imagine being with your Soulmate in 2012
and experiencing the joy of sharing the simple pleasures
and great adventure of life together

Can you imagine
How life would look and feel different this year
when you could live it with
your truest partner by your side?

I am ready for love
I choose this as my destiny

It's important to
Release past pattern
that have kept love
from taking root in your life
So you can move forward
And create new
healthy patterns
To allow love
To flow freely
Into your life

It's equally important to
Create an extraordinary life
As the foundation for attracting
an extraordinary love
You have only dreamed about

And last
To anchor your vision
To fully receive
And welcome
A fulfilling relationship
Without letting the past
limit your future

Calling In 'The One'
To identify and release the hidden barriers to love
And become irresistibly magnetic to your Soulmate
Welcome to this new world
New language
New space of love
With willingness and openness
Calling in 'The One'
In true love

09 May 2012

Opening Heart

This moment 
Is so beautiful
I am thinking of you

Opening heart 
Is not an easy move
It takes a lot of courage
It takes a lot of love
For ourselves

I remind myself
I am love
I am love
I am love
Moving away from head to heart 
From thinking to feeling
Opening heart 
To love

This moment 
Is so beautiful 
I am feeling love

Martin Lindstrom

A famous author
Marketing guru
Wrote about 'Brandwashed'
His leading edge in marketing 
Open many eyes and ears in the world
Truly inspiring thought leader
Love his work
To the point

Janet Lau

A true passion for yoga
Leading in joy and happiness within
A very inspiring and soulful yoga teacher

She always reminds us 
Living in the present moment
Start feeling
What the body wanted you to feel 
Listen to it
Be aware 
Be conscious of the movement

Focus on what truly matters
The rest is not important anymore
Each session
Different inspiration 
A deep satisfaction 
A deep joy
Comes from within

One Minute Presenter

One Minute Presenter
To catch the attention span
In this fast moving world
Sharp and effective
Love his work

J.P.Cam Jewelry

J.P.Cam Jewelry
Passion in jewelry design
Business by appointment only
Unique business model
Serving unique group of selected clienteles

Awesome Villas

Awesome Villas 
Has this 'love' in the logo
I interview and write about the founder
Everything she touched
It turned into gold
Her golden touch
Is a true manifestation
She has lived in that space of love manifestation
and teach people about the work of manifestation too

Is about opening the heart

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers
Brand story of an American icon

etc Wine Shops

etc Wine Shops 
Unique wine shopping experience
Incorporate etc concept 
To endear, tease and cultivate
Raising the bar of wine appreciation and culture

Passion for wine
Is it in-born or made


140 years
Hand crafted French excellence fot the elite
The theme is 'Be Exceptional'

How many luxury and lifestyle brands
Could last more than 100 years
What is 140 years anniversary
It speaks so much about the brand value
Tradition, Heritage & Passion
A proud anniversary