Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

28 April 2012


Calling in The One
You really WOW me
Love intention
Purely genuine and authentic
I am touched 
By your beautiful love and soul

Calling in The One
I have a vision for 
the most fulfilling 
And soulful love
With you

Your beautiful love 
Has touched my heart
I can walk through life with
stronger faith and trust
And I can lean into
For comfort and support

Because I am conscious 
And awakening person
I have so much to give 
If I am here right now
Right here
It means I am ready 
To activate 
The most magnetic 
and open-hearted self

Seed of love
Let love in

27 April 2012

Winning by Jack Welch

In the book of 'Winning'
Jack Welch talked a lot
About Mission & Values

Basically answers one question:
How do we intend to win in this business

It requires companies to make choices about
And other resources

The question forces companies
To delineate 
Their strengths and weaknesses 
In order to assess
Where they can profitably play
In the competitive landscape

At the end of the day
Effective mission statements
Balance the possible and the impossible
They give people 
A clear sense of the direction 
To profitability
And the inspiration to feel 
They are part of something 
Big and important

A final word about missions
It concerns their creation
How do you come up with one

Setting the mission 
Is top management's responsibility
A mission cannot be delegated
to anyone except 
The people ultimately 
Held responsible for it

Is the defining moment 
For a company's leadership
It's the true test of its stuff

How many companies out there
Would truly appreciate this
Most of them 
Are looking for instant profit
Instant sales
Instant money
Instant performance
Instant record
It's ironic
But it is so real 
Many people out there 
Are so shoe-polishing 
And play many big dirty tricks
To safeguard their jobs
To be in the comfort zone
What is safety
You could see in their eyes
No life
The soul is somewhere else
Day by day
Year by year
Deadly alive
Hardly live

If the business leaders 
Would really take a few moments
To think about the mission 
And come up with unique creation 
And make tough decision
To define the whole game
That is truly amazing

Winning is 
But details 


For the last 10 years
I have met many faces 
Some of them 
For business relationship 
Some of them
For true friendship 
Some of them 
For one project
And many of them 
Touch and go

Is the strange asset 
It's either in your blood 
Or it will never be
For the recent project
When I give away goodwill
Give freely 
In creating values for clients
I can see in their eyes instantly
Either -
They will appreciate this energy exchange
They will be advantage-takers 
They will be non-appreciaters
They will be avoiders
They will be runaways
They will make themselves disappeared 
And more...

That is the power of goodwill
That makes you 
The richest person in the world
In spirit and soul
In mind 
In body and action

With the right intention
Will bring back many ripples effect
Keep giving
Keep contributing
Keep making difference
In the significant way

Family Love

Family Love

With a little trigger 
For unnecessary disturbance
For someone who has anger and hatred
Knowing no where to release
But choose to ruin the family relationship
Which I know 
It has a deeper meaning of it
To learn the lesson for all

It has allowed 
My relationship with family
and all the youngsters 
Coming a big step closer

For long
I have been working very hard on myself
To carry a mission
Wanted to change the way 
we love and be love in the family

All the grown up youngster today
Are open heart and much more keen in learning 
The language of love
With a little coaching and guidance
The lesson is well received 

We all love each other 
Very much
And it will always be

I am so proud of them
The way they open up to me
As much as I am opening and trusting them

Family love
Gives me strength
Gives me hope 
Gives me love
Love at a special place 
In my heart
When I am alone
When I need it 
When I want to feel love
And be loved
It's always there
At the deepest of my heart

I am strong again
I am recharged again
I am loved again

I am grateful
For this openness
And trust

This is a new language of love
For family love
I will always love 
All of you
And never feel alone again

24 April 2012

A Natural Woman

A Natural Woman

I was listening to this song
Suddenly wanted to cry
There is a sudden bleeze of love
Open my heart
Feeling really wonderful
Being a natural woman

Let it comes
Being a natural woman

This is a blue jazz mode
Just perfect with any jazz music
For being a natural woman

21 April 2012

Withdraw Unlove

Withdraw Unlove

We don't not love
But that is not the only problem
We unlove
So first start with
dropping anything
that you feel is unloving
Any attitude
Any words
Any behavior
Any action
That you have used
Out of habit
But that now
Suddenly you feel is cruel
Drop it

Every heart
Has love
Because it cannot exist
without it
It is the very pulse of life
Nobody can be without love
The basic truth is
Everyone has love
Everyone has the capacity to love
And to be loved

Without unloving acts
Unloving words
Unloving gestures
Suddenly you catch yourself
In a flow of loving moods
Many moments will come
When suddenly
You will see
That something is bubbling
And there was love
Just a glimpse
And by and by
Those loving moments
Will become longer

20 April 2012



My whole life
Is about conviction
For life, love and work
Conviction on the cause I believe in
Conviction on the reason behind
Conviction on the purpose
Conviction on the passion
Conviction on the bigger picture
And conviction
Nothing will ever be done without this

When there is no more conviction
That is the reason of moving on
To a new spiritual advancement
To create a new conviction for a new cause
And conviction

There is nothing right or wrong
It's not been very easy
But that is life
It's a life with purpose and meaning
With deep knowing
Conviction has moved me far and distant
Conviction has moved me close and near
Conviction has unleashed many gifts
It will be my underlying reason
Why I am doing what I do

And conviction

Going Astray

Going Astray

'To know something
One has to lose it.'

Everyone goes astray
from their inner world
The inner space
And then by and by
One feels starved
Hungry for it
An appetite arises
A thirst is felt
The call comes from
the innermost self
To come back home
And one starts traveling
That is what being a seeker is
It is going to the warm inner space
that you left one day
You will not be gaining something new
You will be gaining something
that was always there
But it will be a gain
Because now for the first time
You will see what it is
The last time you were in that space
You were oblivious to it
Where your attention span
Followed your intention

Every time I leave home
I was crying on the way to say goodbye
In the bus journey
My tears were pouring out
With family sending me at the airport saying goodbye
My tears were controllable pouring inwards
That family love is always strong
Something that I truly value
Every time we come together
To share the color of life
How we dance with it
How we move with it
How we have grown from strength to strength
Sometimes we lose
Sometimes we win
The color of life

Love came
Love lost
Love hurt
Love is not easy
When you totally let go
And no intention of controlling it
Love comes back
It's always there
But the inner space for love healing
Just needs its own time and space
Nothing to rush
It may be a bitter sweet in its own way
Nonetheless love changed
The sensation and texture of love
What might be the best option now
Has changed

It was there
It is still deep here
The fire within
Changes form and intensity
With time and space

19 April 2012

Missing Papa Very Much

My dear papa
I miss you very much
Missing your smile
Missing your silence
Missing you telling stories
Missing the closeness with you

Thank you very much
For your love
For your blessings
For your protection
For your watching over 

I still crying hard 
Missing you
I could remember well
It's just 
One of those significant moments
Thank you very much 
For your strength
For your patience
For your love
You have showered me much 
For my strength
For my patience
For my love

May you 
Rest well
With peace
I miss you very much 
And love you very much 

You are now
A new connection 
Between the time and space
Very eternal 
Very timeless
Very forefront 
Very unlimited
You will always 
Have a special place
In my heart

I promise
To be strong

Missing you 
My dear papa
A lot
Will always be

Tell me some time
You are well
In your new world
With much joy
With much love

18 April 2012


Is a state of mind
Is a being
Emotional openness
Spiritual openness
Mental openness
All beings come about

Take time 
To feel my way
To feel home
To believe in my intuition
To believe in my soul passion
To believe in
My love for life

When I close my eyes
I feel you near and close

17 April 2012

In the Center of Mediterranean Sea

In the center of Mediterranean Sea
Time to relax
Time to rejuvenate
Time to re-imagine
Time to re-create
Time to re-focus

Life seems to stop
At a particular point
Waiting for breakthrough

Breath deep
One at a time

When I close my eyes
I am
In the center of Mediterranean Sea
So peaceful
So beautiful
So graceful
So joyful
Deep within

13 April 2012

China Dream

Catch the moment with Ven San & Helena, Prime Cruise Asia

A rare soul
Visionary leader
Capturing new change tomorrow
Looking for successor
Driven by pure passion
Pioneer in luxury cruising
Going for China Dream

I am returning goodwill
With angels allowing me
To experience Mediterranean Cruise
with the world class Crystal Cruise
I am grateful
It was a result of True Manifestation
Now I am giving back
To uplift their branding for China market

Sometimes in life
People need to learn their own lessons
Going a long way
Taking things for granted
And realized
There must be a better way
No road is wasted

China Dream
Remains intact
Dream the impossible dream

Be Kind

Be Kind

An Easter break
For a few days
This week was really fast

The only difference is
Total engagement
Living in the present moment
Loving all the people I meet
Leaving key message
Making an impact
One at a time

Suddenly 'A Little Black Book'
Becomes such a sensation collectible item

Until this yoga class
The teacher reminded us
To be kind to our souls
Let that kindness loving openness
Open up our hearts
Feeling our souls
To our life work
To our soul purpose
To love ourselves

In that little quiet moment
My tears and sweats
was uncontrollably mixed together
Very soothing to my soul
Very warm to my heart
The key message is
Be kind
to our souls
What a timely reminder
Be kind
to our souls

I know this message
Comes in the right time
Be kind to my soul
Be loving to my heart
Let go worries
Let go all the unfinished business
Let go totally
Be kind to our own souls

05 April 2012


Home sweet home
A place where we grow up
A familier drama and behavior is shaped 
During the growing up journey
We do our best 
to live out loud
Our voice
On who we truly are
In pursuing our destiny

Many years later 
It seems only yesterday
Our papa and mama
And all our beautiful big family 
Sisters and brothers
And all the grown up second generation
With their loving significant halves
Make it to a big family to coming 30 people and more...
Close and far
All are deeply connected 
For one thing 
Family love
Family story
Family tradition
Family value

I am proud 
To be part of it

My family
My root

I suddenly see 
Few flying little birds
Over my head
So free 
So bliss
So love

Young Grown Up

Young Grown Up

One of my family members
Sends me advance notice 
For the big days
It warms my heart
They call me sweet old aunty
Their love is so pure and genuine
I love it

The boy is a young grown up man
With tons of love and care
And successor for big family business
With golden spoon in his mouth
I am so proud of the family

Yes I am coming back 
For your big days

To celebrate 
A new life
A new beginning 
A new family
A new journey

Much looking forward 
I am coming back

Missing Family

Missing Family

It was one of those times
I am missing my family terribly
They have been my strength & motivation

We come to this world 
In searching our dreams & life meanings
In walking our life paths
Our family has showered us 
With tons of unconditional love & freedom 

This is one of those very special moments
I am thinking of all of you
You are my lovely family
You know who you are
In physical dimension 
and beyond this dimension

I really missing 
All of you...

What if 
I could choose again
I could re-make the second half
I could collect the sources of happiness & love
I could just free to be me

Growth & Mastery
In a new direction...

I am missing my family
And I could count all the blessings...

02 April 2012



It takes a bit time
To refocus again
Sometimes I feel like
The time stops
For I totally indulge
In the moment
Sometimes I feel like
This is the only moment to live
Drop all the thinking
For the past
For the future
That never happen
The fear
The ego
Drop them all
Only for now
For this moment
That is the focus
That is the strength
I am building on
Moment by moment

Is in th breath
Let the higher mind
Show me the way

Yoga & Life

Yoga & Life

So beautiful
So graceful
Yoga and life
One of my friends 
Says my individuality
Yoga and space
Has been a big part of my life
That I need nothing
That I am nothing
That my life is empty
Is that true

So divine
So authentic
Yoga and life
The strength
The flexibility 
Has been the root of everything
You just know
When you need to be strong
When you need to go slow
When you need to let go

Life is movement
Movement is life
Be authentic
Be graceful

Every moment 
is a celebration

To end
To begin
To die
To rebirth
To renew
To rekindle
To breath again

Being alive is a deep joy
Yoga breath you through

01 April 2012

Pick Up Life

1 April 2012

An intense month of March
It was over
Something rooted strong
I humbly and slowly picking up life
Breath slow
Breath deep 

Last night
I could not control 
But wept hard on the losses
And grief for someone very close
I had been holding hard
If missing you is now
I just let it be

My eyes are sore
Hardly smile
My dear sister 
cooks me a nice pasta
Simple foods
Full of love
I am grateful

This is life
Let it breath through me
I humbly and slowly pick up life
Breath slow 
Breath deep 
Still missing a big piece of me
Weeping hard on someone close

A lady friend drops me a line
She dreamt about me last night
Good dream

Pick up life
I humbly and slowly breath through
Moment by moment

My Holland family
Send me love
I humbly and slowly breath through
Moment by moment
Pick up life

Crystal Cruise in Hong Kong

13 March 2012

Crystal Cruise 
Make a stopover in Hong Kong port 
For its World Cruise in 2012

This is a day to remember
A day that never seems the same 
The travel experience
The dining experience
It was the same
But the emotion 
Awaiting the most precious moments
Seeing papa
Is disturbing my whole being
Please hold on 
Please wait for me
I know 
Papa will do his very best

In retrospective 
For this date
I still weep about papa
Thank you
Thank you so much 
For your love

A day to remember
For the rest of my life