Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

17 September 2015

Purple Romance ~ Magical Lavender Field in France

Magical Lavender Field in France 
Loving the purple series of DreamTrips
So magical

Make time for everything 
Never compromise...
On anything less than you want to be and do 
Keep striving 
One more round 
If you cannot accept that 
You are inspirational to others 
Then you will not be inspirational to yourself

Be magnificent just the way you are

Travel Soothes my soul
I want more…
Purple series of dreams come true 

To many more magical moments in life 
Be inspired 


Magical Lavender field in France

09 September 2015

September Sweetheart

From today onwards
I promise to love myself
Be gentle and kind
To top up the well of inner strength within
I am enough
I am more than enough

From today onwards
I promise to be happy
Be gently and kind
To allow the soul of warrior to shine
I can do this
I can achieve what I believe

3 full years of 365 days
Finding out the mistakes I made
Just got a few thousand ways of not working the right way
Now I need to pull back
To look at new ways with new eyes
Cry no more

From today onwards
I embrace who I am
Be silence and stay centered
Let the soul speak through me
I will find the way
To love & freedom

Start now
And here