Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

06 October 2011

The Tribute to Steve Jobs

Life is so fragile
One fine day
You realize 
People you know 
Or people you never know in person
Who has impacted you 
And inspired you to be your very best
Has kissed you Goodbye Forever
I guess
Each and everyone of us
May know our own timing 
If it's time to go 
We all know
If the time is not yet
We all gonna appreciate
each and everyday
And every moment of it

The world legend Steve Jobs
is at his prime time
What a wake up call
He has a few lines that really hit me
"Love what you do.
 Don't settle.
 Keep looking."

He is a real entrepreneur and inspiring leader
The world will share silent blessings to his family
His legacy remains
Apple remains in our hearts
And Steve Jobs
You are always loved and remembered

Live well
Everyday is well
Stop for some moments
Know what matters
Something has got to change
Life has got to change
Create/Bring meaning to life
Be alive
Be well

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