Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

29 November 2011

Tears for Papa's Love

I cry a lot these days
Almost everyday
Thinking about papa

Connecting with you
beyond the physical dimension
I open my heart for papa's love
It just brings me to tears 

I may not be physically present with you all the time
I know how much 
you have missed and 
loved me from your heart
Papa's love is always so unconditional 
That brings me even greater tears

I promise 
this time going home 
is all about papa
I will make all the time 
just for papa
He wants nothing from me
only time with him
My heart is so pain 
just thinking about him...

I promise ~
to have good time with you
I love you papa
Remembering good times together
makes you stronger
and enjoy each day

I promise ~
Loving you each day
Get strong & healthy
I will see you again

I promise

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