Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

22 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving
What are you grateful for

90 days plan
On the road to freedom
I am still fighting within
But enjoying so much for the journey
As if this is my life's work ever

Behind every no
I seek to understand
I got many YESs
And many NOs along the way
Many NOs are not valid anyway
Is the goal worthy of you
Or are you worthy of the goal

I was hit by a strong CAR a few weeks ago
By a digital genius guy
He hit me hard again yesterday
Asking me not to be scared by his CAR
It's his sense of humor at his middle age
I told him
I did not take no personally
Maybe I am aging gracefully
More chakras are opened now
I can take more CARS

Asia is up for grab
What does that mean to you?
I want it
I want it
I want it

During my yoga practice today
I cried
On my journey home
I cried
Working at my space
I cried
Behind all the no
My spirit sensitivity over flows
I am grateful
For all the angels
Who believe in me
Sometimes so much more than
I believe in myself
I am grateful

With Happy Thanksgiving
I want to thank myself
For the courage to listen to that inner yes
And do not let the no kill my dream

I am grateful
To all the beautiful souls and hearts
Who back me up big and strong
That I know I can count on
One Team
One Dream

A new 90 Days Plan
On the second phase of
The road to freedom

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