Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

05 January 2015


Life is full of surprises
Some are exciting
Some are inspiring
Some are frustrating
And some are sad 
As life is always not easy
But beautiful lessons and lessons
And what you want out of life that matters

I believe 
We are here on earth for our life purpose
What makes life beautiful 
Is that we are called to be and do what we are here to do

I understand your fear and worry
Take one day at a time
Breathing deep one moment by one moment
Fully living in the now
When you are aware of how your mind play a trick on you
You can be conscious 
About how you want to welcome a new day a new moment
Know that when you are living in the now fully
You only experience love and joy
Everything will take care of itself

Be strong
For each day is another beautiful day
Just embrace what is 

And what is to come

Decide to live in freedom 
Yes you can

Only now and here
Deep breathe will take you there

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