Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

13 November 2015


12 Nov 2015


When comes to moment 
You decide to go 
And totally let go 
You will know 

The death of loved ones
Sounds scary
The loss 
Hurts so much 
Deep in the soul
Until everything takes time 
To heal 

I had an intimate sharing with a good friend
She shared the loss of her mum 
And her spiritual journey 
To freedom
It’s awakening 
Touching soul
Grateful for being real
And I cry 
Remembering my loved ones
All the last moments 
Means the whole world to me

I take life a bit less seriously 
Breathing deep connecting to my soul
I am climbing up the mountain each day
As if I smell freedom just a few breathe away
And I could touch the sky

I am looking at life 
With a deeper meaning each day
I am not afraid of death 
Only want the theme living alive 
With no regret

Death kissed me away 
Mission possible 
I am in all massive action now

Touch the sky

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