Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

27 January 2012

Spiritual Warrior

26 Jan 2012

I had a private session 
with Master in Astrology & Human Design
Learn so much about myself

I love a good fight
I am a fighter
Probably fighting for a good cause
is the only reason that keeps me alive

I have conviction
When people no longer share the same conviction
They will disappear in my life
How true
Life moves on
With new places
New faces

Now I get the hang of it
Understand the root of the changes

Nothing to change
I cannot change
Too individualist
To satisfy the hunger of knowing myself
From all the different seasons in life

I am a new tiger
I accept that
with gracefulness
and joy

Strategy in life ~
Only do what I love to do 
Not getting busy busy busy 
but choose what makes my heart sings
and the time seems to stop 
while I am in the zone

I miss a great fight
It's like my baby
It's unconditional love and attention
Focal and concentration 
A strong sense of passion and drive
Tomorrow never dies

I am coming back
To respond 
To a great fight

I am very much an individualist 
to satisfy my dream 
It changes over time
One thing never change
I love a great fight
I have conviction
I believe in great cause
I am a great fighter
My heart is on fire

Changes are coming
I welcome with open heart and mind
Many references
I love a great fight
I am a great fighter

New dream 
is looking for that strong individualist
That is me
I love a great fight
I am a great fighter
Tomorrow never dies

What a Spiritual Warrior

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