Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

23 January 2012


helps us see the benefits and 
blessings of our lives and how we live them

We are able to transcend 
any and all obstacles that 
we have manifested for ourselves 
in a multitude of ways

We are never alone in our quest 
and we are never forgotten in our circle of light

Everything that is happening within you right now 
is part of an amazing process 
that will cleanse and clear your soul of illusions and fears

The purest form of love 
shines through the least amount of resistance

Whatever you have 
that is still weighing heavy on your heart
is the source of your hurt 
- let it go, let it grow
- let it graduate into your very own form of wisdom

PRESENT= the balance of living and learning is a gift

PRIVILEGE= the benefits of learning life lessons

PROMISE= the blessings that come from living & learning

My insights
Freedom is my inspiration

With you 
My heart sings 
The only music 
to keep me alive

I came far to know you
Sometimes I forget
But I promise to remember
With you 
My heart sings
The only song
to keep my breath going

I am grateful 
For freedom in all my beings
With you
That little magic 
Keep the song in my heart

I find the courage 
to sing again
The audience is waiting 
What a wonderful world

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