Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

12 December 2012


Beautiful December

This month
I am doing a lot of reflection & review
Seeing all the business relationship come and go 
I am grateful
With deep knowing 
Just embrace the depth of what it helps to stay
People who love you
People who like to do business with you
People who make you more
People who empower you
People who want to see you successful
People who support you inside out
No matter what

This journey
You have shower me with much love & patience
You run with me
You walk with me
The 5 mins
The password
I have seen you growing 
From strength to strength
I am grateful for your kindness
You are just caring & loving
Putting a lot of time and energy 
To plant the trees
I see your effort will come into fruition
With exponential growth

Carry on my work
Carry on my legacy
For the first time
This is something bigger than me
I need to bow 
I need to surrender 
What makes my heart sing
I need to respect that little whisper
You make me grow like crazy
You stretch me
You coach me
You teach me
You guide me
You laugh with me
You listen to my arrrrrrrrr
Thank you

Let's go
It's unstoppable
No one can steal your dream
Just be cool and calm
Be The Movement

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