Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

08 January 2013


Change ~
Is an opening.
Is an expansion.
Is a growth journey.

Change ~
Is pain if you remain the same.
Is pleasure if you accept it.
Do what it takes to move you to your destiny.

What you did not change
Is more painful than your inaction or indecision.
If you die inside, 
nothing else really matters.
If you rekindle that little breathe, 
know what makes you come alive,
welcome change with open mind & open heart, 
indeed you are reborn inside out.
Your purpose found you.
Your life is so much bigger than you.

Change ~
After all is a movement.
The essence of who you are inside.
Crying out loud to shine.
Like the little twinkle stars.
Until and unless 
you give yourself permission for change, 
your life will never be the same.

Change ~ 
Is a mindset.
Is an attitude.
Is what you are about.
Is who you become.
Is your calling.
Is living your life path.
Look out no more.
Wait for no one.

Deep voice.
Wanted to travel far and deep.
Be The Movement.

Change ~ 
Be The Movement.
Honor that voice within.

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