Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

21 December 2011

Last Pause in 2011

In 10 days
A new calendar begins
This is the last pause in 2011
Many stops
Many rests
Many baby steps
Many planting
for the seeds of greatness
Not for myself
A little bit of caring for others

Result is the reality
Reviewing this year is a bit painful
Now I need to make a decision
Decision to move on
Decision to let go 
Decision to begin a new journey

The pause
is good for me
Going within
is a place that I wanted to be
Fresh Air 
Fresh Air
Fresh Air

Now I realize 
Slowing down 
is to speed up in other way

This is the last pause
for 2011
Enjoy within
Enjoy this serenity 
Enjoy the fireworks inside me

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