Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

29 December 2011

New Year Resolution

In less than 48 hours
It's a brand new year
There will be another fire works
Another celebration
Are you ready?
Are you ready to shape up?
Are you ready to rock your own world?
Are you ready to change?

How was 2011 turned out for you?
What were your biggest learnings?
It's time to review and taking stock
And focus on what you really want for 2012 & beyond

People who come to our lives
for reason, or season, or lifetime
Who are they?
and why?
You know who they are
Time to let-go
Time to renew
Time to move on
It's a new season
Bring the new energy with you

I thank you for all the learnings
I thank you for all the love we share
I thank you for all the lessons
I thank you for all the gifts we bring
This is the season to build a stronger character
Thank you for making it possible

I resolve to be simple
I resolve to be true
I resolve to be beauty
I resolve to be free
I resolve to be love
I resolve to be joy
I resolve to be
I am that I am

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