Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

30 December 2011


In about 24 hours time
We are stepping into 2012
How exciting are you?
How have you done this year?
What is ahead?

Jack Canfield ~
The author of 'Success Principles' 
and Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Souls Series

How you reflect on your goals
can make all the differences:

1) What is a goal that you set this year
     that you haven't achieved?

2) What did you make more important
     than achieving that goal?

3) Was that goal a 'should'
     rather than a 'want to'?

4) How have you justified
    your incompletion or non-action?

5) What limiting beliefs come up 
    for you around that goal?

6) How will you overcome these justifications
    or limiting beliefs in the future?

7) What is still important to achieve?

8) What will you need to do 
    to make that happen?

Dream a little dream 
Keep that inner whisper
Do not let anyone steal your dream away

Dream a little dream 
Keep that hope within
Do not let anyone's NO fade your hope away

Dream a little dream 
One baby step at a time
God does not promise
to remove our burden
He does
but His promise is 
to sustain us - 
to see us through

Dream a little dream
Keep your dream inside
It's possible
It's possible
It's possible

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