Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

18 December 2011

Life Is A Gift

Life is a gift

Who do you want 
to share your gift with

Gift of dream
Gift of destiny
Gift of adversity
Gift of aspiration
Gift of fear
Gift of hope
Gift of tears
Gift of laughters
Gift of turning all the essential beings
into simplicity and beauty

Life is a gift 
Only you could unwrap it
Your greatest potential 
is hidden 
You hold the key to all

Listen to your inner voice
What gifts are you uncovering
What makes your heart sing
Life is a gift 
You are a gift
Where your gift brings
significant meaning to others

I give thanks to all
You know who you are
In physical and non-physical dimension
Thank you so much for sharing your gifts
And pass it on

Life is a gift
You are a gift
You define your own specialness

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