Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

25 September 2012

Be The Movement Manifestation

5 Sept 2012

Be The Movement Manifestation
90 Days Plan to Freedom

September is a beautiful month
This is my travel month 
Shopping for inspiration
Traveling for inspiration
It's a break for inspiration
A new momentum
I suddenly get myself 
Into a beautiful opening
It's an expansion
A huge expansion
Into something bigger beyond myself
With beautiful souls

Travels have been always in my blood
I have been working non-stop
it's a call for leadership 
When you have found a strong why
You become unstoppable

I am inspired
To manifest this dream
90 days to freedom 
Be The Movement
Beautiful Manifestation
Once and for all

Make time to travel
To see the world 
To experience love
To be unstoppable

I am so on fire

I am ready 
The timing is right
The product is right 
The industry is right
And the most importantly 
The human spirit is right
When I am taken care of 
That little humble experience
Touch my heart
The goodwill continue

Only in this industry 
The sky is the limit
In the corporate world 
The culture is different
People are killing each other 
To climb the corporate ladder
Who knows 
The ladder is leaning against the wrong wall

People care for your spirit
You are uplifted and empowered 
Every time the touch point is made
There is a call for leadership 

On a mission
For love
For freedom 
For lifestyle

I am giving myself a chance
To open heart 
To open mind
For love and the art of living
Creating a compelling story for love
Get inspired 

This little break 
Originally is a call for inner child
That needs to be pampered unconditionally
I do what she wants me to do
For fresh air
For new energy
For new opening
For new chapter

At this moment
I am grateful 
For all the things that happened
To close the chapter 
With high note
It's a promise 
I must deliver for myself
Where the end product is in the market 
Is not that significant anymore
Where the spiritual integrity is broken
The relationship is damaged 
And let go

So fire up now
This is the only opportunity knocks 
I must give it a shot
No turning back 

Energy on the rise
I got many beautiful souls with me
Giving me a lot of love and support
Knowing that I am not alone
In the world of abundance
Love flows 
Money flows 
Energy flows
From higher up to another higher up
I am grateful

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