Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

25 September 2012

Family Love

9 September 2012

Beautiful Sunday
Just at home
Doing everything so basic
So simple 
And yet so happy
Breakfast time
Quality family time
A little things we do for each other
But fill with love
Made with love
This is a big thing

Back at the beautiful garden
With coffee and cookies
Quality family time
Warms my heart
Very soothing to my soul

At this moment
I am completely at peace
And empty
Nothing to think about
Nothing to worry 
Nothing to fear
Nothing to do 
But writing from my heart
Breathing into life

Enjoy all the moments 
In the kitchen 
I realize I can cook 
And be very creative with foods
Preparing and presenting dinner
Is the best time of the day
It's done with absolute love
And total presence 
Just like my love for work
Living one day at a time
With family 
For family
It's so beautiful

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