Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

25 September 2012

Travel Home

5 Sept 2012

Changi Airport, Singapore
Boarding to Frankfurt, Germany
Pick up train to Dusserdolf, Holland
Heading home to Nijmegen, Holland
What a journey home
But it is all 
The sweetest home sweet home

Germany has a lot of memory for me
Especially for my beloved sister 
Her spirit is still strong
With all the places we have been
All the life experiences we had

A few years back
My trip to Germany
Was the most painful experience in life
I cried so hard along the journey
Losing her 
A life of amazing story
And true love till the last breath
A life so worthy of living
And more...

This time
My Germany trip 
Has a new meaning
It's a break 
It's fresh air I am looking for
A new inspiration 
A higher calling
A new mission 
A new awakening

Life is so fragile 
Making time for family 
Is on top of my priority now
My Holland family has showered me 
With tons of unconditional love
That I am so proud of
And has no way to repay their love
During the good
The ugly 
The spiritual journey
They have given me 
A true listening heart 
And warm me with their life experiences
To accept me just who I am

Simplicity & satisfaction
Remain the  very important of everyday's goals
They know one thing or two 
On what is life all about
Each moment and each day
Has its own beauty
Living in the present moment
And not to let ego playing fool

I am re-prioritizing
Doing what I need to do 
To project the highest energy possible
And focus on the end result I want
And more freedom 
And more love

My higher self will guide me
90 days manifestation
On the road of freedom & love
It's timely

My beloved sister knows I am coming 
To pay a high tribute to her
I remember her love
And will always be

Be The Movement
A call for leadership 
Step out 
Step up

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