Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

01 March 2012

My Little Heart Sings

My little heart sings 
Freely and fondly

Clients feedback
Market feedback 
Is just soothing to my soul
That my little heart sings

I am grateful 
When I follow my heart
When I ask my heart to guide me
When my heart works really hard
With deep passion
With deep love
As if the world stops
Now all the soothing love
On how others find my work
Meaningful and Creative
And dare to be different
Higher intellectual collection
My little hearts sings in appreciation

Many touch points 
Many meetings
Many feedback
All are absolutely great feedback
I suddenly find 
The meaning of my life
The meaning of my work
With huge breakthrough potential 
My little heart sings in freedom

When you give it all
With love

One day 
For all the love 
Comes back
Pouring in abundance

My little heart sings

My yoga practice
Is graceful and beautiful
Totally aware
Totally conscious
Of Body Mind connection
Many breakthroughs
In focus and strength
Totally in the now moment
And with deep breathing 
In deep consciousness
The movement is me
I am the movement
The deep sweats refresh my body and mind
The deep tears rekindle my passion for life
Suddenly my little heart sings

What a beautiful day
My little heart sings

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