Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

01 March 2012

Dedication for papa

My dear papa

After 14 weeks of intense work
For the magazine turnaround
I asked you not to give up
You asked me to be strong
Many instances
I write with tears
I put my heart totally into it
With total passion
With total dedication
With total love
With total freedom of mind
With total attention

Thank you so much 
For your strong presence and love
I am so grateful
Knowing you hear and feel my prayers

Market feedback and client feedback
Sooth my soul 
It overwhelms me 
That I have done something meaningful
And creative in being different
Message to the top level
With high intellectual
The way I desire this magazine 
To be a true collection
Is already precious 
To have an insight
Like what I am doing
Wow what an appreciative feedback
That I have already on that path
Very soothing to my soul...
I wanted to give you all the credit
How my work has impacted others
With breakthrough potential

You are my guide
You are my love
You are my angel
You are my strength

I love you

Thank you so much papa

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