Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

02 March 2012

Special Moment

One of my very best friends
A fan and supporter
Very great lady partner
Called me a few times today
Wanted to reach out to me
Telling me 
How much she loves my work
For the magazine I personally delivered yesterday

The moment she flick through the pages
Her tears came out naturally 
Feeling my soul in every pages
And in between the lines
The deep love
The deep passion
The deep focus
The deep creativity
The deep spirit
Has touched her soul deeply
Just wanted to share 
This special emotion with me
I was touched

We had some coffee immediately after the call
The moment we see each other
We embrace our love and appreciation
For what a true friendship
Has strengthen us in the past and more to come
Both of us are crying together
Embracing this special moment

Her comment on this Little Black Book series
Will be in the classic collection
Just like a fine wine
Sharing with people 
Who know how to appreciate life
Wow I am touched deeply

This is a strong anchor in my life
Which I appreciate very much
Deep down 
We all want to know
There is a beautiful gift to share
That we wanted to make a difference
In people's lives

Her desire to see what is upcoming
Reminded me 
To anticipate market needs
Over deliver
And make a WOW
That is a powerful way 
To live a meaningful life

I am so touched...
This special moment
Has enlightened my soul
Has created deep meaning in my life

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