Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

28 March 2012



Call it love
Call it passion
Call it dream
You must know
I support you
with unconditional love

Call it authentic
Call it genuine
Call it my life path
I am thrilled
to be part of something big

Time passes
Things change
You take me for granted
I needed to move on
Back to basic
Hardly survival

Call it stupid
Call it hurt
Call it loss
I am responsible for
my own life
You lack of clarity
You lack of risk taker
You lack of energy
You have mixed business with pleasure
that divert your attention and direction
Your realization of unconditional love
come into picture after coming to 20 months
That I still stand strong
That I still support you

This is the thing
When you give unconditionally
Love comes back in abundance
If this is conditioned within framework
I set myself free
Then I set you free
To move on with your people

Remains love unconditionally
Timing may change
Your China dream
Your China gold

Now you should know
Who support you unconditionally

When you are not ready to hear and see
It's better not to act
You will know
In your heart

Silence is power
Unconditional is virtue

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