Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

24 March 2012

Playing A Role

Playing A Role

When a person
Plays a role
There is some reason in it
That role has some significance to the person
If the game
Is played perfectly
Something from the unconscious
Will disappear and evaporate
And you will be freed from a burden

When a person
Looks for love in the wrong direction
There is some reason in it
That role has some significance to the person
You always wanted to win
Big and small
Your competitiveness
Has built around
All the family's generosity and big love
In being too protective of you
As we know
Your being right
Is much more important than
being love to your ego
Something has remained incomplete
That incompletion demands to be completed
Or it will continue to haunt you
So finish it
Nothing is wrong with it
You could not be loving that time
As you do not know how
Back in the past
How you can be now
Once you can be totally in it
You will see that
It has disappeared
And will never come again

The bottom line is
Family core values
Are deeply planted amongst us
You are the one
Who played with fire
And all the family members
Show you the way
And you are not ready for it

You have been playing multiple roles and faces
May you be awaken
And discover your action
Before everything is driven far and deep
Be awake
Be clear
Be conscious

In our family
Authenticity and genuine
Is the seeds of greatness
Come back
And remember who you are
Stop playing a role

I still overwhelmed
By strong family love
Big and small
They are all unconditional
I am grateful
As you are driving people crazy
Stop playing a role
That take your values away
Wake up now

One of the spiritual masters
Reminded me that
Mistakes made before or by the age of 30
is forgivable
Mistakes made within the age of 30 to 40
is painful
And mistakes made by the age of 50 and above
is unforgivable

You know
We love you
We have been very protective of you
For more than 50 years
You should think about it
What has resulted in this pattern of behavior
that drive people crazy
And your way of looking for love
in the wrong way
Has not been part of our tradition and values
It may destroy you
It may destroy others
And we are here to love you
To help you wake up
And come back

May you realize
We love you deeply
Do not play roles with us

Wake up now

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