Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

31 March 2012

Find Strength

Find Strength

In the moments of confusion
I ask for clarity
In the moments of sadness
I ask for strength
To move through this difficult time

I am grateful
You are such a rare character
You have been my inspiration
For everything you do

I promise myself
To live an authentic life
No matter what
I suddenly appreciate so much
My inner journey
and all the significant moments
that change my life
Are made up of these little moments
of emotional openness
And I make a wish
To find strength again

Inner Journey

Inner Journey

Life is fragile
It throws us a few surprises
Along the way
Good and bad
And the ugly
Sometimes I do not remember
What is it like home
It's far away in distant
Yet it is so close
When my eyes are close

My ego is killing me softly
Falling down 100th times
And keep standing strong for the 101st time
As if no one is knowing and looking at me
And I know
You know

This inner journey
Is a new door to me
I let it be
If I feel like crying
I just cry hard
If I feel like weeping
I just weep hard
If I feel like falling
I just do not hold back
Give me a break

Sometimes it is a bit scary
It feels empty inside
For long
I learn and practice the emptiness
Not quite going far
This season
I am getting close
To a new world of emptiness
It's real

I am a dreamer
My mission is to keep on dreaming
And feeling my way home
It's empty
Yet no fear could interfere
If I am afraid along the way
I just call your name
I know
You know
You will be more than happy
To show me home

Missing papa

Missing papa

The month of March
Full of memory
Memory of papa
I still crying hard 
Missing papa

The deep loss
The deep grief
The deep sadness
The wall of internal strength
Is falling apart
Missing papa

28 March 2012

A Little White Butterfly

A Little White Butterfly

Simply stunning
You know
Who you are
A little white butterfly

Simply missing
You have showered me
with unconditional love
Then and now
A little white butterfly

Simply amazing
You hear my prayers
You hear my hope and dream
Your sudden appearance
Brings tears to me
A little white butterfly

What I wanted
The most of all
Is the harmony and happiness
Seeing all the laughter and joy
Amongst the family
You have brought us together
Then and now
A little white butterfly

Simply beautiful
Thank you so much
For your blessings
For your unconditional love
For your protection
You will always have a special place
In my heart
A little white butterfly

Simply grateful
You stopping by
For each of us
That you know we miss you
That you know we love you
That you know we ask for blessings
That you are watching over us
A little white butterfly

Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity knocks

I slowly came to deep understanding
What is true life path
The authenticity
The tenacity
The passion
The love
The essence of who you are
Be it
Opportunity knocks
At it's own timing

Let faith
Be the guide
Just trust
With whole heart
The essence of who you are
Be it
Opportunity knocks
At it's own timing

Opportunity knocks
Be ready for it
Be who you are
Be it



Call it love
Call it passion
Call it dream
You must know
I support you
with unconditional love

Call it authentic
Call it genuine
Call it my life path
I am thrilled
to be part of something big

Time passes
Things change
You take me for granted
I needed to move on
Back to basic
Hardly survival

Call it stupid
Call it hurt
Call it loss
I am responsible for
my own life
You lack of clarity
You lack of risk taker
You lack of energy
You have mixed business with pleasure
that divert your attention and direction
Your realization of unconditional love
come into picture after coming to 20 months
That I still stand strong
That I still support you

This is the thing
When you give unconditionally
Love comes back in abundance
If this is conditioned within framework
I set myself free
Then I set you free
To move on with your people

Remains love unconditionally
Timing may change
Your China dream
Your China gold

Now you should know
Who support you unconditionally

When you are not ready to hear and see
It's better not to act
You will know
In your heart

Silence is power
Unconditional is virtue

25 March 2012


With family love
They showered me
With tons of unconditional love
And many many deep layers of emotional support
In a foreign land
Knowing that
I am strong
With their warmth at heart

With great friendship
They showered me
With tons of unconditional love
And many many deep layers of emotional and mental support
In picking up some pieces of life
Knowing that
I am strong
With their warmth at heart

In missing papa
With his spirit
I promise to be strong
Knowing that
I am not alone
And supported by many beautiful souls and hearts
I find warmth in my heart

24 March 2012



Always remember that
At no cost
Should you become mistrustful
Even if your trust
Allows others to deceive you
This is better than
Not to trust

It is very easy to trust
When everybody is loving
And nobody is deceiving you
But even if the whole world is deceptive
And everybody is bent on deceiving you
They can only deceive you when you trust
Then too
Go on trusting
Never lose trust in trust
Whatever the cost
As trust in itself
Is the ultimate end
It should not be a means to anything else
Because it has its own intrinsic value

If you can trust
You remain open
People become closed as a defense
So that nobody can deceive them
Or take advantage of them

Let them take advantage of you
If you insist on continuing to trust
Then a beautiful flowering happens
Because then there is no fear
The fear is that
People may deceive you
But once you accept that
There is no fear
So there is no barrier to your opening
The fear is more dangerous than
any harm anybody can do to you
This fear can poison your whole life
So remain open
And just trust innocently

You will flower
And you will help others to flower
Once the become aware that
they have not been deceiving you
But they have been deceiving themselves
You cannot go on deceiving a person endlessly
if that person continues to trust you
The very trust
Will allow you
Back to yourself again and again

No matter what
For a life worthy of living

Playing A Role

Playing A Role

When a person
Plays a role
There is some reason in it
That role has some significance to the person
If the game
Is played perfectly
Something from the unconscious
Will disappear and evaporate
And you will be freed from a burden

When a person
Looks for love in the wrong direction
There is some reason in it
That role has some significance to the person
You always wanted to win
Big and small
Your competitiveness
Has built around
All the family's generosity and big love
In being too protective of you
As we know
Your being right
Is much more important than
being love to your ego
Something has remained incomplete
That incompletion demands to be completed
Or it will continue to haunt you
So finish it
Nothing is wrong with it
You could not be loving that time
As you do not know how
Back in the past
How you can be now
Once you can be totally in it
You will see that
It has disappeared
And will never come again

The bottom line is
Family core values
Are deeply planted amongst us
You are the one
Who played with fire
And all the family members
Show you the way
And you are not ready for it

You have been playing multiple roles and faces
May you be awaken
And discover your action
Before everything is driven far and deep
Be awake
Be clear
Be conscious

In our family
Authenticity and genuine
Is the seeds of greatness
Come back
And remember who you are
Stop playing a role

I still overwhelmed
By strong family love
Big and small
They are all unconditional
I am grateful
As you are driving people crazy
Stop playing a role
That take your values away
Wake up now

One of the spiritual masters
Reminded me that
Mistakes made before or by the age of 30
is forgivable
Mistakes made within the age of 30 to 40
is painful
And mistakes made by the age of 50 and above
is unforgivable

You know
We love you
We have been very protective of you
For more than 50 years
You should think about it
What has resulted in this pattern of behavior
that drive people crazy
And your way of looking for love
in the wrong way
Has not been part of our tradition and values
It may destroy you
It may destroy others
And we are here to love you
To help you wake up
And come back

May you realize
We love you deeply
Do not play roles with us

Wake up now

Bridge Over Troubled Water

A very good friend
Sends me this song of comfort
I am grateful
For her thoughtfulness

Bridge Over Troubled Water

When you're weary
Feeling small
When tears are in your eyes
I will dry them all

I'm on your side
When times get rough
And friends just can't be found
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down

When you're down and out
When you're on the street
When evening falls so hard
I will comfort you

I'll take your part
When darkness comes
And pain is all around
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down

Sail on Silver Girl,
Sail on by
Your time has come to shine
All your dreams are on their way

See how they shine
If you need a friend
I'm sailing right behind
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will ease your mind
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will ease your mind

23 March 2012

Missing mama

21 March 2012
Missing mama

My dear mama
Thank you so much 
For your visit
It's been more than 6 years
Since we lost you 
I miss you dearly

Thank you so much 
For coming close
For watching over
For blessings and protection
We love you

Thank you so much 
That you hear me
That you see me 
That you feel me
That you touch me
That you smile at me
That you bless me

Thank you so much 
For your massage
That you know
My shoulder has been killing me
That you know 
I have been deeply in grief 
That you know 
I need some help
That you know 
I am not alone
That you know
All is well

Thank you mama
I miss you
Very much

I know 
You hear my prayer
You are my angel of love


16 March 2012

When the caterpillar 
Calls it the end
The butterfly 
Calls it 
The Beginning

I cried over 
The loss of my papa
He was strong
Beyond measure
He waited for me
He allowed me 
To hold his hand
At his side
Till the last breath 

I am sad
Yet I am grateful
I thanked him
For all his blessings
And unconditional love
I kissed him goodbye
It's the hardest thing to say goodbye

May he rest in peace
We love you papa
You will always have a special place
In my heart


14 March 2012 

One of these little moments
We hold your hand
If you could recognize 
If you could identify
If you could and would
Beyond the visible gesture
Connect at a deeper dimension
I know you hear me
I know you see me
I know you feel me

We pray 
For your wellness and happiness
All the love are coming back to you
You must be proud
In our hearts
You are our Hero
We appreciate you
We love you

Dear papa
You are our Inspiration
You are our Strength
You are our Love
You are our Joy
We love you deeply

Back Home

13 March 2012
Back Home

Early rise
Sleepless night
Disturbing mind
Heavy head
Painful heart

Holding strong
Papa must be strong
Waiting for us
We are home

Home sweet home
No matter what
Big family
All the close siblings
Now I notice
How far distant 
I am away 
For dream pursuit
Deep down
We are close and one
Totally present
For papa

It reminds us 
How papa
Has showered this big family
With tons of unconditional love
His strong family values
Has impacted us
All the sisters and brothers
Have come together for him

We value and appreciate
Each day 
Each breath 
with you

We are with you

12 March 2012

Saying Goodbye Is The Hardest Thing

I am sad
Very sad
I do not want 
to say goodbye

My dear papa
Please wait
Please hold on
We are home

We thank you 
For your unconditional love
We ask for forgiveness
For our love to you
We love you 
As much as you have loved us
Saying goodbye
Is the hardest thing

I am sad
Very sad
I do not want 
to say goodbye

Please come by
Please say hello
Please let us know
You are well
You know
We do not want
to say goodbye

We love you papa

I am devastated
I am in pain
I am sad
Very sad

My dear papa
You will always 
Have a special place
In my heart

Holding On

Dear papa

You have holding on for long
You have been so strong 
You have always been our hero
Please hold on
We are home

My mind is empty
My heart is pain
I could not think well
Only feel the pain
Please hold on 
Papa we are home

I am sad
Very sad
I promise to be strong
Journey back home
For papa
Please hold on 
We are home

You have shower us
With unconditional love
Now all the unconditional love
Are coming back to you 
In Abundance

Papa please hold on
We are home

11 March 2012

In The Vortex of Hope

Be where you are
Start feeling good
You and your expanded you
Feel your way
In the vortex

Look forward to hope
Hang around in hope
Get in the vortex of hope
Begin to believe
All things are possible
You are the creator of your own life
You are worthy
You deserved
All the love and happiness
All the vitality and prosperity
All the joy and harmony

In the vortex of hope
Life is hopeful

10 March 2012


Let it come
Let it conquer 
Let it go

Let it take time
Let it feel deep
Let it heal

Accept it
Not more a struggle
Accept it
No more a suffering

Let it come
Let it take time
Let it heal 
Let it go

I am sad
Very sad 
I promise you
to be strong
I promise you
Something will never change
My love to you papa

09 March 2012


To existence
For small things
Not only for great things
For sheer breathing
We do not have any claim on existence
So whatever is given 
Is a gift

Grow more and more in gratitude
Let it become your very style
Be grateful to everybody

If one understands gratitude
Then one is grateful
For things that have been done positively
And one even feels grateful 
For things that could have been done 
but were not done 

Once you understand
The feeling of gratitude
and allow it to sink deeply within you
You will start feeling grateful for everything


A Little Black Book
Becomes a sensation
Limited Edition
One of the highlights
For the year

A lady 
In search of meaning
Imagination & Inspiration
Dream & Destiny
Sweats & Tears
Limited Edition
Becomes a mission

Be genuine
Be authentic
Be meaningful
Be different
Be it 


08 March 2012

Give It All

Give it all
Give it all what you have got
When the world shuts you down
You recognize
The fire within
Keeps you going

Give it all
Give it all what you have got
When the darkness takes over
You recognize
The light within
Keeps you strong

Give it all
Give it all what you have got

Will push you through
What you made of
Be it

When you look back
It's all worth it

Give it all
Give it all what you have got
The spiritual warrior deep within
Found its mission and meaning

06 March 2012

True Inspiration

True Inspiration
Comes from

I write 
With this image in my mind
With sincere invitation to 

Above all else is 
Let it be

True collection
Has its intrinsic value
Exquisite in itself
Elegance beyond words
For those 
Who are able to see and feel
Or re-imagine it

Reinforced by
Business at speed
Connection beyond touches

True Inspiration

Midas Touch

Inspired by 
'Midas Touch'
Brand Experience
That is the focus 
For the next issue
Many couldn't wait
Suddenly I find a new entry 
Very niche
Most of the luxury and lifestyle brands
Are coming back to me
Telling me
What they value
Why they wanted to be part of my project
I pay full attention to them
A listening ears and heart
Under promise
And over deliver

The magic of 
'Little Black Book'
That is 'Midas Touch'
by itself
What a blast

5 meetings
5 yeses

What a 'Midas Touch'

I am grateful

04 March 2012

Lovely Lunch

My sister cooked me 
Lovely lunch
One of the most beautiful moments together

Over the years
As we grow and evolve
We connect at a deeper level
And with much openness

She finds her true love
Enjoying life everyday
Her dream comes true
Happy for her

We talked about papa
Our love for him
We cry 
We embrace each other
We try to be strong

Throws us a few good turns 
Seeing each other 
Make us much stronger 
Much loving and understanding
Much growth and changes

We celebrate 
Good days 
And all the colorful working days

I appreciate 
Lovely lunch 
With sister

Love freely
Love unconditionally
For my loving sister

03 March 2012

Classic collection

Begin with an idea
A Little Black Book
Created with deep love and passion
And total attention
It becomes a collection
I find a deeper meaning
It's classic
It's timeless
It's truthful
It's authentic
It's different
It's love

"I Am That, I Am..."
- By James Twyman
  The Moses Code


Life is an open book
Dream your dreams
Create your story
Sing your songs
Paint your arts

Gives you power
Gives you choice

Life is an open book
Clarity is power
What gives you meaning
What are you passionate about
What do you stand for

Gives you option
Gives you direction

The freedom of mind
Creates empowering experiences
Focus on what you want
That is the power

Be open
When you are ready 
To be more

02 March 2012

Special Moment

One of my very best friends
A fan and supporter
Very great lady partner
Called me a few times today
Wanted to reach out to me
Telling me 
How much she loves my work
For the magazine I personally delivered yesterday

The moment she flick through the pages
Her tears came out naturally 
Feeling my soul in every pages
And in between the lines
The deep love
The deep passion
The deep focus
The deep creativity
The deep spirit
Has touched her soul deeply
Just wanted to share 
This special emotion with me
I was touched

We had some coffee immediately after the call
The moment we see each other
We embrace our love and appreciation
For what a true friendship
Has strengthen us in the past and more to come
Both of us are crying together
Embracing this special moment

Her comment on this Little Black Book series
Will be in the classic collection
Just like a fine wine
Sharing with people 
Who know how to appreciate life
Wow I am touched deeply

This is a strong anchor in my life
Which I appreciate very much
Deep down 
We all want to know
There is a beautiful gift to share
That we wanted to make a difference
In people's lives

Her desire to see what is upcoming
Reminded me 
To anticipate market needs
Over deliver
And make a WOW
That is a powerful way 
To live a meaningful life

I am so touched...
This special moment
Has enlightened my soul
Has created deep meaning in my life

01 March 2012

My Little Heart Sings

My little heart sings 
Freely and fondly

Clients feedback
Market feedback 
Is just soothing to my soul
That my little heart sings

I am grateful 
When I follow my heart
When I ask my heart to guide me
When my heart works really hard
With deep passion
With deep love
As if the world stops
Now all the soothing love
On how others find my work
Meaningful and Creative
And dare to be different
Higher intellectual collection
My little hearts sings in appreciation

Many touch points 
Many meetings
Many feedback
All are absolutely great feedback
I suddenly find 
The meaning of my life
The meaning of my work
With huge breakthrough potential 
My little heart sings in freedom

When you give it all
With love

One day 
For all the love 
Comes back
Pouring in abundance

My little heart sings

My yoga practice
Is graceful and beautiful
Totally aware
Totally conscious
Of Body Mind connection
Many breakthroughs
In focus and strength
Totally in the now moment
And with deep breathing 
In deep consciousness
The movement is me
I am the movement
The deep sweats refresh my body and mind
The deep tears rekindle my passion for life
Suddenly my little heart sings

What a beautiful day
My little heart sings

Dedication for papa

My dear papa

After 14 weeks of intense work
For the magazine turnaround
I asked you not to give up
You asked me to be strong
Many instances
I write with tears
I put my heart totally into it
With total passion
With total dedication
With total love
With total freedom of mind
With total attention

Thank you so much 
For your strong presence and love
I am so grateful
Knowing you hear and feel my prayers

Market feedback and client feedback
Sooth my soul 
It overwhelms me 
That I have done something meaningful
And creative in being different
Message to the top level
With high intellectual
The way I desire this magazine 
To be a true collection
Is already precious 
To have an insight
Like what I am doing
Wow what an appreciative feedback
That I have already on that path
Very soothing to my soul...
I wanted to give you all the credit
How my work has impacted others
With breakthrough potential

You are my guide
You are my love
You are my angel
You are my strength

I love you

Thank you so much papa