Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

29 February 2012

A True Friendship

A lady friend called
Update on her projects 
She is currently stressed out
Someone is too greedy 
to grab the whole China gold by himself
My lady friend fears of losing control
From the day one
And till now
She forcefully move forward with endless stress
Mainly for the ego
She realized a thing or two
By passing me in between
The meeting progress stressed her out
She finally feel and confess to me
This is not the right thing to do
For a true friend like me

I have invested more than 14 months with her
and the next 3 months indirectly 
working on a side project 
to support her mentally and emotionally
This realization has hit me hard
For what a true friendship means

I whole heartedly and unconditionally support her
At one point
I could not help
But move on with side projects 
Just to help myself for floating
With a lot of uncertainty and fear of unknown
And I decided to let go 

This is a true let go
For a true friendship
Someone comes back to you
Whole heartedly believe in you
And know you have great intention

A true friendship 
Does it necessary take this long route 
For realization?

I ask myself
The answer is clear

A true friendship 
Are you?

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