Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

28 June 2012

Love & Life

A special day 
To catch up with Holland Family
It has been some times 
since we last met and 
connected with each other over screen
Many emotions & triggers
Emotional honesty and openness in many sharing
It's all about love & life
Simplicity & satisfaction

While I am still grieving for the loss of loved ones
Sometimes I prefer some private space for healing
To honestly feel and accept the pain
What has become so much different now is 
The pain need not be the suffering
I just want to really feel it 
What is it about
Honestly see and feel 
What is the mind doing
What is the body doing 
And what is my heart feeling
Let it all out
Be spontaneous

I still cry a lot these days
During my meditation
During my silence
I would not know the difference
And let it be
Deep meditation is deep silence
And deep silence is my deep meditation
Release of disempowering energy
Let it all out 
Until I am done
I am not that critical anymore 
About myself
So what 
Now what

Love & Life
Many long and hard lessons
Many masters many journeys
Many faces many places
Many insights many wisdom
My intention set
I wanted to be Ben Tzu
In 10 years time
Maybe I could possibly be Ben Lao Tzu
For my own life
For being the most closest friend
to my second generation in the family
An old auntie is now being called Ben Tzu
To light up their paths
To show them many options
To love them just the way they are
And to let them make their own choices
Still accountable for their most important mission
That is ~ Love & Life
And I am doing it right now

I dedicate this special day
In remembering all the loved ones 
My beloved mama and papa
Beloved sister and angel
All my family
My sisters and brothers
My grown up youngster 
My good friends and masters
All the beautiful souls and hearts
Near and far
Be alive 
Be awake
Be alert
Just BE
And above all else
All the people who have appeared and crossed path
One way or another
Where our souls meet 
For some reasons or some seasons
Be courageous enough to say NO
Only focus on 
What really matters in life

A special thank you to 
Very wise family in Holland
I am so grateful to be part of your family
Be strong
Be happy 
Be love
Everyday mission
Love & Live

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