Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

24 June 2012

Lunch Appreciation

My sister cooked me a lovely lunch
Simple yet fully satisfied
Besides lunch appreciation
What came as a surprise
Is a card
Message from her heart
It must not be easy
A late awakening and apology
For how my emotional maturity 
Has been a true blessing to her
For all the unconditional love and support 
In total acceptance of who she is 
And what I believe she could possible be

Sometimes ~
In a family love
Nothing has come as easy 
Do not take love for granted
It applies in any love and relationship
It requires an extra mile of acceptance and understanding
That must be a reason why we are in a family relationship 

It's the love that counts
Love inspires and moves souls
From the deepest level 
You know ~
When you truly love
It transforms life

I do not know 
How to be or do otherwise
Only unconditional love that lasts

I live very much in the present moment
I give thanks for the present experience

Is now

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