Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

16 June 2012


For the last 1 week
The resistance I encountered
Is beyond what my body could cope
I fall sick suddenly

Clients love the proposals
From no budget to no response
And many different expectation and requests
Make it hard to believe 
Rejection is part of resistance

Meeting with one big boss from family business
His ego is mountain high
His money is mountain high
His vision is mountain high
His winning is a must 
Would rather let him shine
What a pity
His soul is crying for help
Somehow need to hide his fear and insecurity
Only if he is willing and seeking 
Rejection is part of resistance

Is a clear sign
I am working the wrong direction 
I am going against the river
For a worthy goal
I will persist
I will accept
And let go

Time to listen to my body
Heal now

Courage to say NO
Be true to myself

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