Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

23 June 2012

Message to a dear friend

Message to a dear friend & sister

Almost 2 years
Your indecision
Your out of focus
Your non-professionalism
Has dragged your energy
to the different direction
And you are blinded by
looking for love in the wrong direction

Until recent catching up with you
Knowing that you are looking for inspiration
You are hiding and meeting someone
you know coming to your life 
for a reason 
But all the happenings are surprise
You are blinded by a match
You are swept off the floor by a fool
You are hiding
You are covering up
You are not ready to listen and accept advice
You are slowly investing your heart 
for the love interest 
that is beyond your control

If you are 18
Then this is part of growing up experience
Now you are at your early fifties
What a funny experience you want

Have you ever asked yourself
What is your soul lesson?
What are you fearful of?
What are you covering up?
What is it that you are not seeing and hearing?
What is it that is blocking you?

Love interest 
In the wrong direction
Will only create pain
What are you covering up?

Give yourself some time
For awakening
For clarity
For a bigger why

Find your way home
Wishing you well

You are my dear friend and sister
I wish you real happiness & fulfillment
that you deserved

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