Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

16 June 2012

Happy Father's Day

In life
Some memories are strong
Especially with people
Who are close and dear at heart

100 days ago
There was this beautiful sky
At home
In one of those rare occasions
Suddenly we came to each other 
For love
For support
As a family

Despite of our differences in 
Life Paths
Life Purposes
Life Missions
Life Works
We are connected for one thing
Our love for each other
Our love for papa

Happy Father's Day
I wanted to dedicate this special day 
For our beloved papa
For our beloved sisters & brothers
For our beloved growing family

Our dear papa
Remains our inspiration
He is our Hero
He moves souls
With deep love

When I close my eyes
It seems like only yesterday
Thank you for all what you have done for us
We ask for forgiveness 
For all that we wished we have done it for you
Above all else
Your spirit remains
Your love remains
Our love remains
For you

Remembering papa
A moment
To really cherish 
Our love for papa
That you will always 
have a special place in our hearts
We love you dearly
Happy Father's Day

A simple man
His unconditional love for us
Is not simple
We miss you 
We love you 

Remembering papa
For a special day
With much love

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