Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

29 June 2012

Beautiful Flowers

A very good friend 
Gives me beautiful flower today
Insists that I must come out
For celebration
Just like a family

Looking at these beautiful flowers
I am deeply grateful
At the first moment 
It reminds me of my old days
For the first time
I received 100 roses 
From the first love 
How sweet 
How romantic
It was a history
I realize we have moved on in life
Healing takes time
Time heals all
It becomes a good memory
A sweet memory by now

These beautiful flowers
Remind me 
To fully live in the present moment
There is a timing for everything
Time to shine
Time to hold on
Time to let go 
Time to say bye bye
Believing eternal love 
will never die
Only change forms
The spirit remains

I am so grateful
Love & Live 
Everyday mission

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