Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

05 April 2012


Home sweet home
A place where we grow up
A familier drama and behavior is shaped 
During the growing up journey
We do our best 
to live out loud
Our voice
On who we truly are
In pursuing our destiny

Many years later 
It seems only yesterday
Our papa and mama
And all our beautiful big family 
Sisters and brothers
And all the grown up second generation
With their loving significant halves
Make it to a big family to coming 30 people and more...
Close and far
All are deeply connected 
For one thing 
Family love
Family story
Family tradition
Family value

I am proud 
To be part of it

My family
My root

I suddenly see 
Few flying little birds
Over my head
So free 
So bliss
So love

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