Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

27 April 2012

Family Love

Family Love

With a little trigger 
For unnecessary disturbance
For someone who has anger and hatred
Knowing no where to release
But choose to ruin the family relationship
Which I know 
It has a deeper meaning of it
To learn the lesson for all

It has allowed 
My relationship with family
and all the youngsters 
Coming a big step closer

For long
I have been working very hard on myself
To carry a mission
Wanted to change the way 
we love and be love in the family

All the grown up youngster today
Are open heart and much more keen in learning 
The language of love
With a little coaching and guidance
The lesson is well received 

We all love each other 
Very much
And it will always be

I am so proud of them
The way they open up to me
As much as I am opening and trusting them

Family love
Gives me strength
Gives me hope 
Gives me love
Love at a special place 
In my heart
When I am alone
When I need it 
When I want to feel love
And be loved
It's always there
At the deepest of my heart

I am strong again
I am recharged again
I am loved again

I am grateful
For this openness
And trust

This is a new language of love
For family love
I will always love 
All of you
And never feel alone again

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