Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

27 April 2012


For the last 10 years
I have met many faces 
Some of them 
For business relationship 
Some of them
For true friendship 
Some of them 
For one project
And many of them 
Touch and go

Is the strange asset 
It's either in your blood 
Or it will never be
For the recent project
When I give away goodwill
Give freely 
In creating values for clients
I can see in their eyes instantly
Either -
They will appreciate this energy exchange
They will be advantage-takers 
They will be non-appreciaters
They will be avoiders
They will be runaways
They will make themselves disappeared 
And more...

That is the power of goodwill
That makes you 
The richest person in the world
In spirit and soul
In mind 
In body and action

With the right intention
Will bring back many ripples effect
Keep giving
Keep contributing
Keep making difference
In the significant way

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