Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

05 April 2012

Missing Family

Missing Family

It was one of those times
I am missing my family terribly
They have been my strength & motivation

We come to this world 
In searching our dreams & life meanings
In walking our life paths
Our family has showered us 
With tons of unconditional love & freedom 

This is one of those very special moments
I am thinking of all of you
You are my lovely family
You know who you are
In physical dimension 
and beyond this dimension

I really missing 
All of you...

What if 
I could choose again
I could re-make the second half
I could collect the sources of happiness & love
I could just free to be me

Growth & Mastery
In a new direction...

I am missing my family
And I could count all the blessings...

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