Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

27 April 2012

Winning by Jack Welch

In the book of 'Winning'
Jack Welch talked a lot
About Mission & Values

Basically answers one question:
How do we intend to win in this business

It requires companies to make choices about
And other resources

The question forces companies
To delineate 
Their strengths and weaknesses 
In order to assess
Where they can profitably play
In the competitive landscape

At the end of the day
Effective mission statements
Balance the possible and the impossible
They give people 
A clear sense of the direction 
To profitability
And the inspiration to feel 
They are part of something 
Big and important

A final word about missions
It concerns their creation
How do you come up with one

Setting the mission 
Is top management's responsibility
A mission cannot be delegated
to anyone except 
The people ultimately 
Held responsible for it

Is the defining moment 
For a company's leadership
It's the true test of its stuff

How many companies out there
Would truly appreciate this
Most of them 
Are looking for instant profit
Instant sales
Instant money
Instant performance
Instant record
It's ironic
But it is so real 
Many people out there 
Are so shoe-polishing 
And play many big dirty tricks
To safeguard their jobs
To be in the comfort zone
What is safety
You could see in their eyes
No life
The soul is somewhere else
Day by day
Year by year
Deadly alive
Hardly live

If the business leaders 
Would really take a few moments
To think about the mission 
And come up with unique creation 
And make tough decision
To define the whole game
That is truly amazing

Winning is 
But details 

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