Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

01 May 2012

True Gift of Love

Tell me what it is 
How does that all start up
And lead to 
The seed of love
The purity of love
Let love in
Let the beauty of love
Moves souls

Tell me what it is 
You have stepped into 
the Danger Zone
You have come close 
to the secret passwords
of my heart
I am in absolute trust
For what it is 
For what it is to be

Its beauty
Its simplicity 
Its deeper meaning
For I am willing to take a risk
To experience every level 
And faithfully trusting
And let go fear

How sweet
How beautiful
For it's to be
Live in the present moment
Love life

True gift of love
Comes from ~
Loving yourself
And make yourself available 
With strong intention
Calling in The One
A true manifestation of love
At the Universe's timing
And let it go 

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